How to turn on SELinux?

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Let’s start from the start.

What is SELinux? Thanks.

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Security Enhanced Linux is a Linux kernel security module. Sort of a security layer on top of the file permission system.

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Over the years I notice that SELinux Enforcing is usually the default, especially on official ROMs with default kernels. Enforcing may be more secure but sometimes gets in the way of how I work so I’ve always switched to Permissive via some method or other.

I can’t find this on FP2, what version of /e/ are you using here?

it on android pie …

Settings > Security & Privacy > Trust

FP2 is still on Nougat, where can we request the upgrade? It is urgent, because I cannot follow the posts here anymore, almost all other devices left the Nougat version long time ago.

You can ask the upgrade in the Request a device subcategory but I don’t know if it will be really useful because the dev team already know devices need to be upgraded and they probably have statistics about the number of users of a particular device.
They are working on it since months, you can learn a little more here :

Checking on the chances of an upgrade @pjmbraet - there are multiple devices we need to plan for…will update

Update : in the Trust section SElinux is “Disabled” but in Settings > System > About phone, the SElinux status is “Permissive”.
I personally think Trust is wrong.

Permissive means disabled everything allowed…

All right so Permissive is shown as Disabled in Trust and it’s normal, thanks.

Will raise an issue about all of this.

I just installed the /e/ Pie test build on my FP2 and the Trust System Security notification regularly pops up. What shall I do with it and what is it, in simple words?

TRUST should stop apps forgetting access to your personal data. You will find the setup in phone settings.

The Trust notofication you can diable by long press on in in the notification bar on top on screen

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Thank you for your help. I disable my particular notification because it is ‘This build was signed with public keys’ which is nothing to be worried about, I suppose.

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Hi sorry for diging up this, but on Samsung S8 selinux is disable, (on my Xiaomi note 5 pro is enabled without doing anything, and without root).
So I am a little bit lost. Do I need to be root on a phone and not with another one to activate Selinux?
If I root the samsung, can I update e with OTA update?

Thanks a lot.

(sorry for my poor english).

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Hi, welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

I’m in the same situation with my Galaxy J5 2015, and I’ve opened an issue in our Gitlab :

Don’t manually activate SELinux, it could cause bad effects.

And yes if you root with Magisk you can still update /e/.

Hi thanks for quick answer. I find this for my S8:

It’s a bug on Lineage os too it seems.

Yes I think it was the same thing with LineageOS but not sure at all.