First release of /e/ OS Pie

:gift: Hi /e/ supporters and users!
Today, we announce the first release of /e/OS “Pie” on two smartphones!


Just to add to @GaelDuval’s announcement the Pie releases for all eligible devices ( devices with working LOS 16.0 builds) will be staggered. Which means we will be releasing official Pie build for a few devices at a time. Since it is a version change we are going slow in the release. Please read the instructions along with the build and share your feedback and queries on the forum


Will the devices currently on Nougat will go straight to Pie then?


The first consideration would be if the particular devices supports Pie. Pl check if the devices have working LOS 16.0 builds if yes you can raise a request for OS upgrade here. The more the users requests the better the chances of an upgrade.

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Could you please specify what this “eligible” means? All models from the official devices list? Or all the devices that already received LineageOS 16?

Devices which already have received LOS 16.0.

But there is no S9/S9+ among them. That’s not very good.


Please update all the phones that can be bought from /e/store;so also Samsung S9 and S9+.


And for the phone, who doesn’t have any current official LOS support at all since? Like the S7 which is proposed on the store.


@ Manoj Don’t you think /e/ shoud give the real (!) priority for Essential, as it was the phone given to super hero supporter (€2,048) of the initial Kickstarter eelo campaign (Jan 20 2018)


A big Thank You to the team for rolling these out. I am very happy to have an official /e/ build for my Pixel. Downloaded it last night and installed this morning. Not much run time yet but looking good so far!


completely off topic, how have you found battery life?

Nice, a lot of devices there, also my FP2
Anything known about a planning or a timeline, and won’t we have to update to Oreo (LOS15, Android8) first to make an OTA upgrade possible? For now we are still on Nougat (LOS14. Android7).

Hi Peter, we do not have a timeline for pie release - ideally we should have and will discuss with @rhunault once he is back from his vacation this week. For FP2 we had released a test build some time back. The consensus was that unlike most devices which needed return to stock Pie ROM before flashing /e/ Pie on the FP2 it worked directly on top of the /e/ builds…you can check the details in the thread. In general I thought the Pie builds worked better than the Oreo builds on most devices we tested.

Will there be /e/ OS Pie on LG G5 devices ?

Hi @jonath08 please put in a request here for an OS update. The more the requests from users the better the chances of an upgrade.

There is an unofficial /e/ pie Version that works perfectly!! Just search the forum for the link…

Looks like the deployment of eOS Pie on all LOS16 supporting devices is dragging on. Is it possible to tell when this migration will be completed?

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The reason for the delay as mentioned previously as well is that an OS upgrade does not happen through OTA builds. Even Lineage does not provide this ability in fact the stock updater prevents such upgrades. Since /e/ is a fork of Lineage we have the same issue. A good number of our users would not be comfortable with manually flashing the ROM to upgrade. This has been the reason why we have dragged the OTA upgrade for such a long time.
Having said that the build team is working on this issue to find a resolution.

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Have I understood you correctly that many devices with LineageOS Pie (like Poco F1) still cannot be manually upgraded to eOS Pie because you want to automatically deliver eOS Pie over the air? But why not provide eOS Pie right now to those who who can handle it on their own? After all, most of eOS users are still experienced beta-testers.

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