How to uninstall a system application correctly?

Hi all. How to uninstall a system application correctly? I do not need many applications that are installed by default, for example, an application such as a voice recorder that asks for permission to geolocate, a phone, etc.

What happens if I delete all applications except settings? How safe is it?

For example:

adb devices

adb shell


cd /system/app

rm -R Camera

rm -R ...

rm -R ..

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have you read through these threads already?

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@obacht Hello . Thank you very much for your reply. I read the information on the links you provided but there is no answer to my question.

I see people trying to uninstall apps. I would like to know what happens if you delete all applications except settings and how this will affect security.
I know how to uninstall apps.

It is desirable to get a response from developers or users who have already tried to do this. @Manoj @piero

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