How to Update Samsung S6

Hey Members and Team,

My friend managed to get my old Samsung S6 installed with E/OS but I have 2 updates that I downloaded but when I click install it says:

/e/OS 0.7 - 12 MAY 2020 Install error
/e/OS 0.7 - 15 MAY 2020 Install error

above these updates /e/OS/0.7-2020021541379

Thanks for reading and replying in due time, if you need more information please let me know.
I am new to E OS


Hej @Mobi,
please use only the build e-0.7-n-2020021541379-dev-zerofltexx until further notice. The newer builds are buggy

With /e/ Forum :mag: Search… and search words like Galaxy S6 zerofltexx SM-G920F you will find more information.

Reading about Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925F “zeroltexx” also brings insights.

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