How to upgrade an S9 refurb (esolutions webshop) from Android 8 to 9, 10, 11,

I have been patiently waiting for an OTA update for a Samsung S9 sold on the esolutions webshop that is running Android 8. I’ve slowly come to realize that this will probably never happen and that I will probably need to do this myself.

Could someone here point me to step by step instructions on how to update the S9 from Orea to something more modern?

I’ve searched through the documentation and how-tos, but all of the docs I’ve found requires the reader to make several guesses as how to proceed (i.e., instructions like “go to this external web site and figure out for yourself what needs to be backed up, whether you need to worry about dm-verity, and which files you need to download, etc.”). In particular, I was about to install TWRP, when by chance I found out that this was in fact already installed… Given that the S9 was sold by esolutions, it seem to me that they should have a specific how-to on how to upgrade the few phones that they sold. After shelling out the money to get a degoogled phone, the last thing I want to do is brick it when trying to update it.


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I do not believe that Android 10 is stable on the S9/S9+ yet; I think the Q builds are limited to dev builds.
That said I do agree. A lot of the sites that promote or review eSolutions phones indicate that the intended market is people interested in a deGoogled phone but not necessarily tech savvy enough to do it themselves (which, I think even a seasoned tech savvy user would have difficulty with the current hodgepodge of instructions). I think at minimum a step by step instruction for how to get a purchased phone up to the most modern possible firmware would be welcome, or perhaps making Q functional with the Easy Installer.

Do you know where we can download the stable and dev builds?

You can download the dev and stable builds for the s9 here

Ok.So there is only a stable build for Oreo and a dev build for Q. There is no Pie build at all.

Next question: When backing up and restoring using TWRP on an esolutions S9, which partitions do I need to click on? Are boot, system and data sufficient? Or do I need to also need the system image? (There are some unclear comments in the docs about dm-verity and how this requires the system image for some cases.)

I just purchased an S9 from e and it won’t activate. I’ve tried Pageplus cellular AND Verizon wireless. Am I SOL?


Well, that explains that. Guess I’ll hunt down a new carrier.

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Some helpful info here.

My model phone I just bought from isn’t going to work com February. Do I have an options? I can’t just turn around and spend another $400 or $500 when I’ve only had this one a month.

My model is SM-G960F

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Hi, Pl can you send the details to the team should be able to help you

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Idk if yubalready read this elsewhere, but jonwu (?) of magisk fame has a pat about the “booring shenanigans” in 8 vs 9 vs 10…something happened in 9 that makes an upgrade to 9 OR 10 irreversible (has to do with where the boot files are stored/accessed?) Skipping 9 probably saves everyone headaches

Depending where you are/coverage (my t mobile mvno coverage has been iffy recently ), that list has been pretty helpful, but be warned AT&T sim will force you to call in and verify the phone, warning you it won’t be active in Feb - since the sm-g690f isn’t in there list of volte phones - but I’ve had success with that list mentioned otherwise
…ahh just saw your later update; what were they able to do for you I only had mine for 6 months…