How To Upgrade Android 8 to Android 10 on S9+

Hi All…

I am new to eOS from Apple iOS just this last week, but have already bought an S9+ and successfully installed eOS and LOVE IT! :slight_smile:

LINK below to my post on how I installed from my MacBook Pro to help others :slight_smile:

Before I spend anymore time configuring my S9+ eOS, I am keen to work out the “right way” to upgrade from Android 8 to Android 10 as I see eOS can run on Android 10. I was hoping someone with experience could guide me BEFORE rather than help me AFTER I mess it up :slight_smile:

I have spent quite a few hours reading all over this forum, and my understanding is I need to “manually” upgrade to Android 10. I have downloaded what I believe is the official Samsung S9+ Android 10 file: and I am assuming I use TWRP to somehow flash the phone to Android 10, then update to eOS Q 0.14.

I see @SuzieQ has helped a few S9+ newbies… and I would be very grateful for some guidance on the correct way to proceed from SuzieQ or other knowledgeable eOS’ers :slight_smile:

Thanks for some help and I am loving being here…

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No, @ITVAULT, do not use TWRP to flash please. The file must be unzipped first. Four of five resulting files with the extension .tar.md5 are to be installed in your case by Heimdall | macOS. Please see also my user-experience Galaxy S9+ ‘star2lte’ /e/OS ‘Q’ dev AOSP Android 10

May I please ask for a little guidance again from @SuzieQ and/or @piero. I am trying to teach myself as I go, but I just don’t know this one part of the puzzle as I dont have experience in using terminal to load files onto a phone and then run it to flash :confused:

So after 7 hours on my laptop today reading (several times) all the links you included above, I feel like I understand most of this. On my Mac, I have ADB and Heimdall installed/ working via Terminal. I know how to install eOS and upgrade it to eOS Q.

WHAT I DONT KNOW is the actual “HOW” to manually upgrade my S9+ from Android 8 to 10, so I can then do the eOS Q install.

I have searched all over the forum and googled the web to find “how” to actually use ADB / Heimdall / TWRP / Terminal to flash the S9+ with Android 10. I have found articles that tell me using Ubuntu, the simple terminal commands / steps to do it, BUT it’s from 2018 and they are talking about unzipping to “.img and .bin” files etc, and we have “.tar.md5” when I unzip the A/Q10 file.

(screenshots below)

Flashing stock firmware onto a Samsung Galaxy S9+ with Ubuntu using Heimdall:

SO MY QUESTION IS: “How” (what are the steps / process) do I use all these tools to
load files onto a phone and then run it to flash the S9+ from A8 to A10… ? I would be VERY GRATEFUL if someone could tell me?

I have followed your advice and have the following files downloaded and ready to use :slight_smile:

  • S9+ Samsung A10 Zip file from (Dec 2020 version)
  • twrp-3.5.0_9-0-star2lte.img
  • ADB & Heimdall installed and working on my Mac, via Terminal.
  • S9+ currently running A8.1 / eOS 0.14

Thanks so much…


First of all: The /e/ people in charge have realized that it might be a good idea to revise the /e/ documentation. I can’t interpret this Documentation Suggestions action any other way.

If I look at the instructions (equally for MacOSX and Linux) from the point of view of a normal user aka “Mom and DadFlashing stock firmware onto a Samsung Galaxy S9+ with Ubuntu using Heimdall my first thought is: Ohh my god, what’s this! - sudo apt ... *.lz4 ....img ....bin ...print-pit ... flash --BOOT boot.img --CACHE cache.img and so on and immediately.

It suggests to me that an OS change away from stock Android towards unGoogled CustomROM is less for a regular user than for a nerd. Even the author of this article talks about “But it usually requires more effort to install them”.

The /e/ documentation has become more comprehensive with additions over time, but in my view neither more productive nor clearer. Despite all the user upgrade problems that have since become visible here on the /e/ forum since Jan. 25, 2021, the instructions persist Install /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy S9+ - “star2lte” and Install /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy S9 - “starlte” at old /e/ OS Oreo 8.1 levels.

Despite all the user upgrade issues that have become visible here or here on the /e/ forum since 25/01/2021, the Install /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy S9+ - “star2lte” and Install /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy S9 - “starlte” guides remain at old Oreo 8.1 levels. Still no word on how a /e/ OS Oreo-8.1 user migrates their Galaxy S9 / 9+ to the production /e/ OS ‘Q’. Even the so-called /e/asy installer still works with files from Oreo 8.1 times. There is also no mention of the fact that the /e/asy installer cannot currently be used for flashing to /e/ OS ‘Q’. It’s really no wonder that the users are confused. I don’t understand the approach of those responsible for /e/ and it contributes to the loss of /e/'s image.

Several /e/ forum members who posted valuable contributions in the near past are no longer active, and have even completely shut down their /e/ accounts. The reasons for this are clear to me: they have renounced the fight against the /e/ windmills and are following the motto ‘If you don’t like the conditions of this forum, you are free to leave it.’. Who is next?


I like to use the unix based OS ( macOSX & linux ).
But in the case of flashing Samsung Firmware, i have to recognize that using Odin on a friend’s computer running WindowsOS is a more confortable option, you also could flashing TWRP that way.

@SuzieQ Thank you for taking the time to reply. As a new user to eOS, I LOVE the product, but YES, eOS could certainly do with improved instructions so users end up in a better position. I consider myself a self-taught, 32 years experienced, Apple / Mac geek / nerd. Mums & Dads would NOT try or even be googling how to flash a phone with something like eOS, it would be a friend or family member like me doing it for them :slight_smile:

Thank you for all the people you have helped on this forum.

Kind regards

Hi @piero Thanks for your comments. I did read a lot of this forum BEFORE I even bought the S9+ and thought there was enough information and support here, that I was sure I could get it to work, and I have. I would just prefer to upgrade to A10 rather than stay on A8. I did consider using a Win PC but honestly, over the years I converted all family and some friends to Mac/Apple ecosystem, back when it was leading the way. I do appreciate your honest comment here though.


Sadly you’re totally right. /e/'s communication and way of handling things is terrible and that’s really sad to see such valuable contributors leave for these reasons as to see the image of such a good project being deteriotated

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