How to use Murena Calendar with 3rd party apps?

Maybe I wasn’t able to find it - maybe there is no documentation yet on how to use Murena Calendar with my calendar app (OneCalendar) or others?

When adding a calendar, I see several options:

Is Murena Calendar based on Nextcloud? If this is the case, I need servername:port. :woman_shrugging:
When I click on copy primary CalDAV-adress in the settings, the result is

This is obiously not an individual address, the client cannot do anything with it.

Not sure if this is correct but what if you try something like this…<your_e_email_addy>/

I don’t have OneCalendar to try it.

EDIT: For the Nextcloud Calendar, have you tried putting in just the top-level to see if it knows to fill in the rest after it asks for credentials? (with or without trailing slash).

Both variants actually work as suggested if an application-specific password has been set at

However, I still have one annoying disadvantage compared to Google Calendar, at least right away: Only my personal calendars appear, but not those I have subscribed to in Murena Calendar. But maybe this is not possible with CalDAV or Nextcloud at the moment in a comparable way?