How to whitelist a URL

A (serious) newspaper asks me to ‘white list’ their URL in order to log in.
How do I respond?

The main thing that comes to mind (because this is how I browse) is enabling a script or scripts on their website from within the NoScript settings, IF you have the NoScript extension installed as an add-on to your browser. (Or a similar script-blocking app.)

If not that, maybe…

  • Check that javascript is enabled in the browser settings…?
  • If you have some other tracker-blocking app installed, enable the website if it’s blocked…?
  • And I’m assuming the browser has permission to access the internet…?
  • There is no other kind of firewall active that could be blocking it…?
  • Maybe they mean you should enable cookies…?

Which browser is it?

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Thanks T, it is the /e/ browser.
Still not sure I understand what to do…

T, had to disable Ad block and the TC app.
Works now. Thanks again!