[HOWTO] Add a web site to the home screen

How come - using the Brave browser - I am not able to add a web site to the home screen? The options simply does not appear in the Brave browser on /e/. However, it does on Android and on LineageOS.

  1. You can add a shortcut by clicking on the three dots on the top right of the Brave browser screen
  2. That will add a shortcut on the home screen.
  3. A pop up will ask you to put in a name for the icon.
  4. A shortcut to the page appears on your screen.

Sorry… No, that is exactly what is not working for me. The “Add to Home screen” does not appear in the dropdown for any web site I visit using Brave in /e/.

Which device and version of the ROM are you testing this on? I am on the MiA1 's latest build.

Motorola Moto G3, Android 7.1.2, System version 0.1-201901132564

@Markus / @harvey186 if you have a v0.1 / nougat /e/ phone can you try installing Brave Browser and see if you get the Add to Home Screen option on it. I have a v0.2 device and am able to get the option on it. Wanted to check if this is a /e/ OS specific issue.

I have /e/-Nougat and Brave browser installed.
In this combination I am able to select “Add to Home Screen” for websites.
On my device this functionality adds shortcuts not only to the default launcher but also to the other installed launcher (in my case Bliss & Lawnchair).

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Thanks @Markus for checking that out. @dln949 can you try installing the latest apk from apkpure if not already done. We are able to add shortcuts from both /e/ v0.1 and v0.2 ROM’s for Brave browser.

On my mido with unofficial v2 I can also add a short cut to home screen

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Thanks @harvey186 for testing that out

I installed Brave from apk pure yesterday just minutes before I posted here about this problem.

That is strange. Please can you attach a screenshot of the menu list which you are seeing on your phone - when you click the three dots on the Brave browser. Just want to check if there are other options missing.

Just for reference: I used Brave Version 1.0.60.
Just now I installed the update 1.0.72 and still have the functionality to save shortcuts to the launcher.

I have been using Brave 1.0.72, Chromium 71.0.3578.99.

I cannot explain what happened. Today, when I turned on the phone, the “Add to Home screen” option was there. It was not yesterday, even after restarting yesterday. Now, today it is.

I don’t know what to say.

You can say, “Problem solved!!!” :smile:

ha ha, okay, I will, even though… I have no idea what was wrong, nor why it works now. But anyway…

Problem solved!!!


I have this same problem, using a Mac (three vertical bars as opposed to dots for a menu icon). The version I have is, Version 1.10.93 Chromium: 83.0.4103.106 (Official Build) (64-bit). The option to add a website just not on the list.

mhm, here we are on Android eOS forum :thinking:

and you link directs to a brave browser, not to chromium.

Didn’t realize that, thought this was more generally for the browser, not a particular OS. I got that link from within the browser, Brave/About Brave

Is this problem specific to certain websites? Here’s what I get whenever I try to save Twitter instead of installing the app, because the app is terrible.