[HOWTO] an Unified Install Guide Project for /e/

I have added some details to the ‘Sony’ specific section for unlocking the bootloader. And information about getting the device IMEI to the 'standard / common devices steps` section

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And some more on flashing stock firmware on Sony devices

I’m not sure where in the guide to put this information, so I’ll just leave it here, and let someoe else decide where it should go

Useful key combinations for Sony devices

This page on the the Sony Developer website lists some useful key combinations

  • Fastboot mode: (for flashing recovery, or using other fastboot commands): Make sure your phone is turned off. Insert the USB cable into yor PC. Press and hold Volume down key, then insert the USB cable. The LED will light blue to show you are in fastboot mode
  • Flash mode: (for when using FlashTool) Make sure your phone is turned off. Insert the USB cable into your PC. Press and hold Volume down key, then insert the USB cable. The LED will light green to show you are in flash mode
  • Recovery mode: Make sure your phone is turned off and unplug your device from the PC. Press Volume down and Power keys together. The phone should vibrate once, then boot into recovery

In addition, the following can be useful, if you need to reboot or power off your phone, but it is not responding to screen or key presses:

  • Hard reboot: Press and hold Volume (in the middle, not up or down) and Power keys - after a few seconds the device will vibrate. Release the keys and the device will attempt to reboot
  • Hard power off: Press and hold Volume and Power keys as for Hard reboot. Continue holding the keys after the first vibration until the device vibrates three times in quick succession. Release the keys and the device will be powered off

I have installed /e/ in my xiaomi A1, everything was right, as in the instructions, except that unlocking was simpler than in the instructions. it’s a pity I didn’t read it before, it would have spared some time.
I have one question: should I/can I lock the uploader again after installing /e/ or is it necessary to be unlocked to load updates?

risk is bricking your device.

Wait, do i understand you correctly - we should not lock the bootloader after installing /e/ beacuse there is arisk of bricking the device? Any device or just some?

yes all devices exept Fairphone 3 and 4

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Good tutorial! Thank you!

I started to wonder one thing: is custom recovery really necessary for sideloading through adb? When i go into stock recovery (Note 10+), there is an alternative of choosing ‘sideload through adb’, or something like that. But i guess that would be too easy? Device would brick?

only offficial samsung stuff are allowed by stock recovery
it will just don’t work for any custom binaries

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Figured something like that.

Can you then flash stock rom through adb with twrp or e-recovery installed?

i have never experienced this way, i always used Odin for stock firmware
(i never boot my computer to windows except for that task)


Locking the bootloader after installing /e/OS is possible on more devices than just Fairphones 3/3+ and 4.

In general locking the bootloader after installing /e/OS is possible for a device if the command line install instructions for the device available via https://doc.e.foundation/devices include this step.
How to avoid bricking the device (if that risk exists) should be included in those instructions, too, the Fairphone 4 instructions are an example for this.

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I think i quite well know the logic of samsug decices (that are typical), but i cannot speak further about others familly of devices (fastboot), so, some parts of the guide are empty…

please improve those parts ! for example :


It would be nice to write in the installation guide that an orange warning message will remain after installation and that it is not a problem.
It would avoid unnecessary worry !

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