[HOWTO] an Unified Install Guide Project for /e/

debian/ubuntu users can use apt install that include it in the path (even it is a quite old version) but for others (especially Windows and macOS users), “Platform Tools” comes as a .ZIP, when extracted, it become a simple folder from where the terminal must be openned and “Platform Tools” is not include in the app menu of the system as a classical app
it is important to take that in consideration…
so advising to put the recovery and the /e/ build into it is a very good thing !
i am in searching where and how to specify it…

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Thanks a lot @piero for taking the time to maintain this in such a dedicated manner.
I recalled what I did and I think now I better understand the ramifications:

On a Windows 10-machine: I unpacked the SDK as described here: https://doc.e.foundation/pages/install-adb-windows
But I skipped the Adding adb path to the environment variables-part.

Instead I installed 15 Seconds ADB Installer (which probably made unpacking the SDK files unnecessary)

(I also installed Universal ADB Drivers for Windows - but I hihgly doubt that was necessary after the 15-seconds…-thing…)

My guess now is that the installation of the 15 Seconds ADB Installer did something similar to the above mentioned Adding adb path to the environment variables-part for unpacked SDK.

And I suspect that’s why I’m able to shift + right-click into any folder (that contains the downloaded files for flashing, for example) and select from the menu to launch a powershell window in that folder that accepts adb and fastboot commands.

(which in turn makes the ‘put the necessary files into the adb-installation-folder’ part redundant… though perhaps not for those who just unpacked the SDK but skipped the add adb path to environment variables part).