[HOWTO] build eOS in old fashioned way with breakfast -- now with interactive script

Yes everything seems to be here.

Looks like stupid mistakes will always be nearby, thanks.

Sadly it keeps failing, always at the same point.

your locale is wrong.

:weary: I#m always forget the right way to set. Must search for

try this: export LC_ALL=C you can put it in script, or cmd line.

Indeed it worked.
(I wasn’t pasting the right set of keywords on my search engine…)
Thank you for your constant big help !

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Has anyone attempted a build using @harvey186 instructions for galaxy sm-t580?

I see no problem building it. Sources you can find here if it is the same as A6+ https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-a6/development/rom-lineageos-16-0-galaxy-a6-plus-t4019619

EDIT: The device seems to be treble supporting. Than you can try the eOS PIE-GSI. Example/HowTo here [HOWTO] install eOS GSI on a Treble device - new GSI added June 14th

The t580 is a Tab A so would need different source. I was able to build a lineage17.1 rom this week with help from more experienced guys

downgrading from 10 to 9 could be difficult, especially on Samsung devices. But if you will find the needed Los16 sources, you can try building.

By the way, save your los17 device sources.you will need them for eOS-Q :wink:

Hi, after 4 builds, my storage space is almost full. What can I do, delete and optimize to build for an infinity of devices ?
Note : I only need to build for a device one time (so ne need to keep data about a device for a futur build)
But since I will build for dozens of devices, some of them share the same kernel and other things.

First, I guess I can delete the full “device” directory in out/target/product/“device” right ? But will it be enough ?

Do you have other tips in order not to have full storage issues ans save storage please ? :slight_smile:

Second big question, if I want to use a cloud server to build quickly for dozens of devices, and have at the same time nougat, oreo et pie sources to build multiple devices at the same time without using docker.

The only thing I would have to do is create a /home/anonyme/e/nougat build directory, a /home/anonyme/e/oreo and a /e/pie then use the script in them right ?

And how to keep the build process running even when the ssh connection is closed ? I don’t know if it’s possible.

after built is finished run ‘make clean’. This will remove all from ‘out’ folder (so be sure you have moved the eOS.zip to a different folder)
and cache folder. So you will start with clean build environment

don’t know about docker. with old fashion was it won’t work. You have to build step by step


Looks like the tags have changed again :
repo init -u https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/os/releases.git -b refs/tags/v0.9-$VERS

Take a look at screen
Heavily used in IT, especially when working remote :wink:

I would delete everything in out/ folder after each build (dont forget to get the /e/ zip first as harvey186 said), but i would leave the .ccache folder as it is, it speeds up next builds a lot.

I personally prefer tmux rather than screen to work remotely

But only when building same device.

Hi @harvey186 I am trying to get an unofficial Pie build going for the Moto g4 plus [athene] which won’t be supported officially by /e/. I have done an Oreo build using the docker script.
These are the sources I want to use. I have run Arrowos on my phone in the past.

Here is my roomservice.xml.

What do you think. Please suggest any amendments

The sources aren’t made for LineageOS, I guess that’s an issue ?

If you want use these sources you will have a lot to do. The sources don’t fit the lineage rules / name conventions.
I have tried something like this for one of my devices. It was a pain. I need more than 3 month and hundreds of build tries til I get it running.