Wipe the cache on G290

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I’ve connected my phone to my PC in order to reorganize the gallery pictures.
While on my PC it shows correct folders now, still on my phone it shows old folders.
So I’ve seen this topic : Gallery showing sorting pictures wrong and showing weird date
Then I wanted to “Wipe the Cache” but the process described here [HOWTO] Clear Dalvik/ART and System Cache in TWRP needs to boot on TWRP but It’s not available on G290.
So my question is how can I do my phone to show same folder structure as in my PC (when I connect my phone to PC), do I need somehow clear a cache and If yes, how to do it on G290 please ?

Thanks for your answers !

There is a recent post with a link to an unofficial TWRP (Gigaset GS290, how to root and install ZIP files? - #44 by chrisphl) for #gs290 but at this stage I would do the following instead.

Settings > Apps and notifications > Show all apps > Gallery > Storage > Clear data/storage | Clear cache.

The second option Clear cache is more gentle, Clear data/storage might change internal settings in Gallery (not any of your images), this is what may be required.

You can do the same Clear data/storage in the default Camera. Be aware, In this case you may well notice your favourite Camera settings lost, but this can be worthwhile if the Camera has “learned” to use an inappropriate combinations of settings.

(A PC can seem to make mistakes reading Android filesystems, so take care not to “damage” your device for a problem that lies with the PC!)

Thanks for your reply !

I tried Clear cache, then Clear data/storage, both on Gallery and Camero, but the problem is still there.
I don’t want to install any unofficial TWRP, is there another way to “wipe the cache” from the phone please ?

As far as I know /e/ Recovery does not offer that functionality – I have never tried to do this with adb, I guess you could look this up.

You will know that Android filesystems are much more inclined to work with shortcuts than with a hierarchy which might look good on a PC.

Gallery may also work with thumbnails (which could now be out of sync with your images).

A word to the wise, I would avoid shifting things too much with a PC within Android internal storage.

Perhaps try to confirm for yourself if any images are corrupted, or look corrupted, with Files app.

Files app will be competent to copy or move all your images to SD card. There you can reorganise them as you wish and perhaps back them up elsewhere first.

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