[HOWTO] Get your device code using adb

Users may have noticed phones being referred to by code names. For example the Redmi 3S is called ‘land’ , the Moto E 1st gen is called ‘condor’ while the Xiaomi MiA1 is ‘Tissot’ . In case you are wondering what the device code for your phone is use the below command from adb

$ adb shell getprop ro.product.device

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There is at least one case where the code of the device differs from the code of the /e/-Image. Namely the LeEco Le2:

$ adb shell getprop ro.product.device

The code in the device is “le_s2” while the code it is usually referenced to is “s2”.

Reminder : MicroG on my Galaxy J5 2015 doesn’t work + I have an error 7 in TWRP for each update/installation, so I have to change the following lines in the updater-script file.

By curiosity I looked at my device name with ADB, here is the result :
ro.product.device : j5nltexx
ro.build.product : j5nlte
Can those two things be different or is there something weird ?

I don’t know what I can do in order to have my device working properly…

EDIT : I’ve just flashed the stock ROM and the stock recovery.
The ro.product.device isn’t j5nltexx anymore but j5nlte, which seems more logical.

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On my Moto G 214 (titan) the command shows: titan_umts, but titan is a name for several devices (hard experience I got to learn long time ago) and the ROM needs to have all the options included when it was build.