[HOWTO] install eOS GSI on a Treble device - new GSI added June 14th

OH, my bad, I thought you have build one for your FP3.

I did but never flashed it. When FP3 for /e/ came out i assumed it was GSI, but i was wrong :wink:

I’ am preparing to follow these instructions again when my new XZ1C arrives. I just want to clarify the follwoing step:

In my TWRP, the option to format the data partition is under the ‘Wipe’ menu. To Wipe the date partition, you would need to choose ‘Advanced wipe’ (also under the ‘Wipe’ menu.)

What I think the instructions mean is

  • Reboot in recovery

  • Select ‘Wipe’

  • Select ‘Format Data’ and on the following screen type ‘yes’ to confirm. (Do not use ‘Advanced Wipe’ to wipe the data partition. This is important)

Have I understood correctly?


(And when you’re experimenting with recovery, make sure you have an up-to-date backup of your data partition, in case you manage to perform the wipe by accident or stupidity :slight_smile:)

Yes, that’s absolute right


I already have a GSI running on a device, which was flashed onto a stock ROM (pie in this case), after wiping the data partition (in TWRP) and erasing the stock system (using fastboot erase system).

It seems logical to me that I can then install a different GSI (e.g. the new Android 10 (Q) eOS GSI) if I first wipe the data partition again (using TWRP) and then erase the GSI (using fastboot erase system).

Am I wrong? Is there some reason that I don’t know about why a GSI must always be flashed onto a Stock ROM?

If you coming ftom.a GSI, you can go with eOS GSI direct. No need for stock rom


But still need to format data and erase system?

It’s always a good choice to format data. And fastboot flash system system.img will erase system automatically

I’m happy to see /e/ os create a gsi. I’m thinking about either /e/ os or resurrection remix for my next phone. I love how /e/ is privacy focused but I like the customization’s resurrection is known for. I’ll figure out which I pick or my next phone probably /e/

Thank you for making such efforts to bring this GSI image !
I have a OnePlus 5T with /e/ (0.11 pie) : so A-only struxture
I tried to flash your Q gsi image according to your HOWTO but i always end up in fastboot or recovery…

Does flashing gsi require specific firmware ? (Possibly latest firmware required by OnePlus 5T to receive Q ?)

What does fastboot oem ignore_anti do ? Is it a long process ? Cause I think this is something I missed during flashing.

Thank you very much ! Would love to better understand to flash LeOS … :grin:

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Can i Install GSI on my Redmi Note 4, Mido.
Is Redmi Note 4 a Treble device?

Looks like it’s not.Project treble devices first shipped with Android 8 according to this xda thread

I also notice your device could be Qualcomm or Mediatek (look at GSM info) and the Note 5pro released a year after yours would also appear to be non-treble


Hi @Zeno … and one way to check/confirm is to install the app Treble Check, available from Apps.


Yes the Treble Checker says Redmi Note 4 MIDO supports Treble Project.

Now can you show me how to install GSI of /e/ OS ?


Treble Checker app says Mido is supported to Treble Project.
Now What to do?

My cell brand is Redmi note 4. Treble checker app say it is supported by Treble.
At the moment i m running Unofficial /e/ OS v 0.16.
Can you help me to install GSI on my MIDO?

From Treble Check >> Seamless updates will tell you if you have A or A/B, and check your CPU architecture. You need this to know what image you will try. … and it will help you to know if you can just follow the OP here.


Thanks for the help.

  1. Project Treble : Supported
  2. Seamless system update : Unsupported (system uses only One Partition)
  3. CPU Architecture : 64-bit ARM
  4. System As Root : Supported

Now please tell me what can I do?
Thanks Again

Keep reading, I have not done this myself, but I will be interested in your progress! :slight_smile:

Your phone appears to be a match with the OP … and keep searching! :smiley:

This looks promising: Week 18 Development and Testing

Hi there !
I just wanted to say thanks to Harvey for building this GSI because it works flawlessly on my primary device : Honor 8 (FRD-L09) :smile: