[HOWTO] Start to customise /e/

The Home screen of /e/ (or any Android device) is generated by the launcher. /e/ is delivered with Bliss launcher.

This page only covers the issue that some individuals would prefer something different.

The case for the /e/ choice of Bliss launcher is made here Meet the Bliss Launcher -/e/OS’ default launcher

Reading from https://doc.e.foundation/support-topics/about-e we see it made quite clear that there is no intention for /e/ users to be tied to Bliss.

Can I get the default AOSP/LineageOS look on /e/OS ?
The beauty of the OS is that users can install applications and customize the look and feel of the OS. You can install a launcher of your preference and get the look you prefer.

Choose an alternative Launcher

There are 101 articles out there suggesting alternative launchers; here is one; https://www.xda-developers.com/best-android-launchers/ and another older review of minimalist Launchers, https://dataoverhaulers.com/best-minimalist-android-launchers/. (The article is noticeably outdated in the mention of Lawnchair, now updated and maintained as Lawnchair 2.)

Check your preferred App store for an alternative launcher. Here is the support documentation for App Lounge, included with /e/


Install and test

You can simply test one or two. (You can be sure to be able to go back to Bliss because it has been permanently installed by /e/ as a System app) When you first open your new launcher you will be asked whether you want to use it “Just once” or “Always”. Chose “Just once” for a quick test. If you don’t plan to use it after some trials, it is best to uninstall it.

Default launcher

When you decide it is time to set your default Launcher please go to

Settings > Apps & Notifications > Default Apps

Providing you have 2 or more launchers installed, you can reset your default launcher.

Please remember that if you install a launcher containing active Google or other third party components you may interfere with the privacy built into /e/.

Off topic


Could I translate this tutorial into German?

Of course, yes, please do!

Are there downsides to an alternative launcher?

It has been reported from time to time that /e/ users have a problem with an alternative launcher.

One typical failure is the notification

Trebuchet keeps stopping

as seen in this hidden screenshot

This error was seen with the Kiss launcher installed on a default /e/ e-1.2

A variation on this behaviour was seen in the following [Solved] thread where maybe an update caused Kiss to change from satisfactory to problematic.

Why is this happening?

Some keywords / phrases to search for answers:

The inclusion in the /e/ build of Trebucet aka Launcher3 (com.android.launcher3)
QuickStep (com.android.quickstep)
The mechanism employed by launchers to provide horizontal scrolling

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Adding from elsewhere in the forum.

A thread here titled Alternative launcher.

Here Feedback for v1.5 - #68 by raphm we learn

Trebuchet crashes because there is no default launcher selected in Default apps. So just set up a default launcher app in Settings > Apps > Default apps and it will fix the problem.