[HOWTO] Transfer WhatsApp messages from Google Android to /e/ (backup and restore)

i appreciate the process discussed above. The whatsapp transfer process is an easy one but when it comes to data loss there is possibility of data retrieval if it is lost.

@attilio the WhatsApp folder has moved on Android 11 to
Internal Storage > Android > media > com.whatsapp > WhatsApp

If you could update your tutorial to show this, it would be great :slight_smile:


I woulld appreciate to include that into the Howto. It took me several days and a verification process that has been locked for 48h serveral times to figure that out.
(Unfortunately I didn’t check here anyways, but I think it is an important point to know)

Edit: The starter of the thread seems to be inactive since a while, maybe one of the mods could add the information?

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I think Whatsapp made it no longer possible to keep our data in Whatsapp when migrating to another phone, so the method in this topic is no longer valid. The Google Drive backup is the only option now, I think. In other words, a complete transfer of Whatsapp to an /e/ phone is not possible.

But, although not being able to recover that data in Whatsapp, we are able to backup our data in the form of files on a pc: what I did, is use the Export conversation function of Whatsapp to email to myself each of my conversations one by one, without media. As far as the media is concerned (photos, videos) I copied them to my pc using a usb cable connecting smartphone and pc.

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I think this article needs to be updated.

Specifically speaking, the local backups generated when pressing the option to generate a new backup are now located at Internal Storage / Android / media / com.whatsapp / WhatsApp / Databases / msgstore.db.crypt14

What is the status for rooted devices? Is an import with Titanium Backup possible? As in backup app + data, copy the folders and files to e/OS and just reinstall. Anyone tried that?

Hi there,

I had the same need and I tried to transfer my data as described at the top of the post. Unfortunately without success since I only got my empty groups but no personal discussion.

After a lot of trials I managed to recover all messages by simply copying the backup (“WhatsApp” folder including all data) from my old phone in the top level of my /e/OS phone (same level than “Android”, “DCIM”, etc.) before installing Whatsapp. During installation it automatically detected the file and all my old data were there!

I hope this works for you as well…



Anyone got WhatApp data copied from /e/OS 10 (in my case Murena S9, stable) to /e/OS 12 S (in my case Samsung S10e with /e/OS 1.5.1-S-dev)?
I don’t have a Google Drive and just copying didn’t work for me either.

I succeed to import all my conversations (only groups) from my old phone to my new FP4. But all conversations are empty : no texts messages. I don’t transfer pictures and documents to avoid huge files, but I should have all the messages. Maybe is it my mistake and should transfer everything ?
Does someone had the same issue ?

Edit : in fact, I just have all my groups conversation and no single conversation. Strange ! Every conversations are empty.

I found where data should be put now ! I tried the method from @Bugatti but it doesn’t work now. I also try to copy them here : Internal Storage / Android / data / com.whatsapp /. It’s not working.

But the solution is quite the same, you have to put your backup (following the initial method of this thread) here : Internal Storage / Android / media / com.whatsapp / WhatsApp /. And you copy there all your folders from your previous phone : Backups, Databases and Media.

After that, you will have a message after lauching whatsapp for the first time saying you can restaure old data. If you don’t have this message, you just copy data in the wrong place.

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