[HOWTO] Use the Account Manager

Note: Documentation in this section is Work in progress. Help us update it. Help us make /e/ better !!


  • Add your /e/ account to the phone. This would in turn sync up your emails, contacts and data stored on the ecloud
  • Easily add your gmail,webDAV and other accounts. (Please note Microsoft Exchange support is still not available on /e/OS)

To access Account Manager Screen

Settings >> Accounts >> Add accounts


Please note : The telegram and whatsapp accounts showing up in the screenshot appear after the apps have been installed on the phone separately.

  • Select the account you want to add. For e.g. if you have not select /e/ Account during setup you can add the account from this screenshot

To add an /e/ Account

- Select /e/ account


  • Select details as your /e/ email ID and password. Important: Add account details in small character not in caps for /e/ ID.

To add a Gmail account

- Select the Google option


  • Please note this will open up a browser windows where you can enter your gmail credentials


How to resolve Sync errors on your /e/OS ?

 To get your data to sync again, please follow the steps listed below:

On Oreo versions of /e/

Remove your /e/ account (System Settings > Users & accounts > [your /e/ account] > Remove account)

Add your /e/ account back (System Settings > Users & accounts > Add account > /e/)

On Nougat versions of /e/

Remove your /e/ account (System Settings > Accounts > /e/ > [your /e/ account] > 3 dot menu > Remove account)
Add your /e/ account back (System Settings > Accounts > Add account > /e/)
If you get a notification requesting some permissions, click on it and grant all requested permissions
  • For Google accounts, follow the steps mentioned above and replace “[your /e/ account]” with [your Google account] and “/e/” with Google.

How to access CalDAV and CardDAV

  • On a Nextcloud account?

    You can access CalDAV and CardDAV of your Nextcloud account the following way:
    Settings -> Accounts -> Add account -> WebDAV -> Login with URL and user name.

  • Configuring the access to the E-Mails of your own mail provider is done in the Mail App:

    Open Mail App -> Three Dots in the top right corner -> Add account.

WebDAV Address book or WebDAV [Read this post] (WebDAV Address book or WebDAV)

About the Project
/e/OS Account Manager is a fork of DAVdroid.

Project Source Code

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Third Party Libraries Used
> these libraries are used by DAVdroid)
Apache License, Version 2.0
BSD License
New BSD License
New BSD License
Apache License, Version 2.0
Project Lombok
MIT License

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Please explain how to change the password for the /e/ account.

I changed my password on ecloud and syncs started failing on the phone. Fine, but there is no way to fix the password on the phone. I followed the instructions above and removed the account. The warning was scary, but I proceeded and then recreated the account. The syncs started running again but I’ve obviously lost some information along the way. The one thing I’ve seen so far is that I lost all favorite markings in Contacts. Are there other things I should worry about?

There’s got to be a better way to do this. Is there an ongoing issue filed?

You can report this issue about this loss or about the fact Account Manager doesn’t ask for the new password by opening an Issue in our gitlab.

Cannot get Gogol Calendar to sync reliably. Removed and re-created my account in Account Manager several times already.

Directly after creating the Gogol account, Sync works. I can trigger it manually from Settings-Accounts--Account Sync-three dot-Sync now.
After creating a new appointment in /e/ Calendar, Sync begins to fail . The new appointment also does not appear in Gogol’s web Calendar.

Have considered the /e/ account, but creating it is not possible atm (server migration issues).

Any hints warmly welcomed!