[HOWTO] Use the Account Manager

Note: Documentation in this section is Work in progress. Help us update it. Help us make /e/ better !!


  • Add your /e/ account to the phone. This would in turn sync up your emails, contacts and data stored on the ecloud
  • Easily add your gmail,webDAV and other accounts. (Please note Microsoft Exchange support is still not available on /e/OS)

To access Account Manager Screen

Settings >> Accounts >> Add accounts


Please note : The telegram and whatsapp accounts showing up in the screenshot appear after the apps have been installed on the phone separately.

  • Select the account you want to add. For e.g. if you have not select /e/ Account during setup you can add the account from this screenshot

To add an /e/ Account

- Select /e/ account


  • Select details as your /e/ email ID and password. Important: Add account details in small character not in caps for /e/ ID.

To add a Gmail account

- Select the Google option


  • Please note this will open up a browser windows where you can enter your gmail credentials


How to resolve Sync errors on your /e/OS ?

 To get your data to sync again, please follow the steps listed below:

On Oreo versions of /e/

Remove your /e/ account (System Settings > Users & accounts > [your /e/ account] > Remove account)

Add your /e/ account back (System Settings > Users & accounts > Add account > /e/)

On Nougat versions of /e/

Remove your /e/ account (System Settings > Accounts > /e/ > [your /e/ account] > 3 dot menu > Remove account)
Add your /e/ account back (System Settings > Accounts > Add account > /e/)
If you get a notification requesting some permissions, click on it and grant all requested permissions
  • For Google accounts, follow the steps mentioned above and replace “[your /e/ account]” with [your Google account] and “/e/” with Google.

How to access CalDAV and CardDAV

  • On a Nextcloud account?

    You can access CalDAV and CardDAV of your Nextcloud account the following way:
    Settings -> Accounts -> Add account -> WebDAV -> Login with URL and user name.

  • Configuring the access to the E-Mails of your own mail provider is done in the Mail App:

    Open Mail App -> Three Dots in the top right corner -> Add account.

About the Project
/e/OS Account Manager is a fork of DAVdroid.

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