[HOWTO] Use the BlissLauncher

Note: Documentation in this section is Work in progress. Help us update it. Help us make /e/ better !!

bliss_launcher_widgetscreen bliss_launcher_mainscreen


  • SEARCH — typing the first character will display if the app is already installed on the phone else fetch its reference on the web
  • APP SUGGESTIONS — the top 4 most used apps on the phone will show up in this widget
  • WEATHER — This widget is installed by default . The weather widget needs to be configured the first time the OS is set up to start showing the local weather. The weather widget cannot be removed as of now.
  • EDIT — This button allows the addition of more widgets to the screen
  • App Icons are easily accessible on the screen
  • Little or no learning curve for a user who wants to use the /e/OS
  • Easily uninstall non — system apps
  • One place for having important widgets like weather info or emails.
  • Swipe down on any screen for searching apps
  • Notification badge which inform if there are pending notifications in any app.
    How to use the Bliss Launcher app

Understanding the Main Screen

  • The Bliss Launcher display all the available apps on the screen
  • This easy to use UI ensures almost little or no learning curve for the UN-initiated.

How to install new apps

  • The installation is done by accessing the Apps Installer
  • Once the apps are installed they will show up on the Screen

To delete a non system app on the BlissLauncher


  • Long press a non-system app
  • This will make all the apps jiggle
  • Apps that can be uninstalled will have a small ‘-’ minus sign on top right of the icon
  • Tap the ‘-’ sign on the app you want to uninstall
  • Select OK in the pop up which will ask you to confirm the uninstall request
  • The app will be uninstalled when you press OK
  • A toast appears with the message that the App has been uninstalled.

About the Project

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In the settings under /e/ OS you can empty the cache for each app individually. This also applies to the Bliss Launcher. This can sometimes help to eliminate malfunctions or false indications.

Here’s how it works to reset the Bliss Launcher: Go to …

Settings > Apps > Bliss Launcher > Storage > Clear storage | Clear cache

bliss1 bliss2

“Clear storage” also removes unwanted “placeholders” if the shortcut is left as a space after uninstalling.

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Please :
How to hide or unhide an application icone ?
How to create an empty page on bliss default screem ?

Both are not possible as of today…or to put it more precisely with the current launcher build.
A complete revision of the code of the BlissLauncher is underway. You can add these suggestion on gitlab and add it to the developers TODO list :slight_smile:

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@Manoj Why is there a complete revision of the BlissLauncher? What happened?

When we started development of the launcher it was a basic design. Over the last two years we added thousands of users - critics and admirers of the launchers. We got a massive list of bugs and an equally impressive list of feature suggestions. To accommodate these features and resolve the bugs requires a complete refactoring of the source code. This is work in progress right now. No ETA’s as yet.