[HOWTO] Use the Tasks App

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Icon Tasks Main Screen
tasks_icon tasks_mainscreen


  • Open Source Task management for Android
  • By design, 3rd party apps can access all data in OpenTasks, given you’ve granted them the required permissions.
  • OpenTasks is built on the iCalendar VTODO task model as per RFC 5545
  • Syncronize tasks with the ecloud through your /e/ ID

How to use the Tasks app

  • The following five options screens are available
    • Tasks

      • Displays the task lists under My Tasks and Personal category
    • Task Due

      • Display tasks on date - Today - Tommorrow - Next Days - Someday
    • Task starting

      • Display Tasks Already Started, Today, Tommorow, Someday, Later
    • Task Priority

      • Display tasks on priority - High, Medium, Low and Now
    • Task Progress

      • Track progress of tasks - Almost Done - Halfway there - Way to go - Nothing Accomplished - Done
    • Search

      • Search in Task list

Options visible through menu ( right side three dots)

Tasks Menu Option Tasks Settings
tasks_menuoptions tasks_settings

Tasks Menu options

  • shows up on tap of the three dots menu on top right
  • Options available under this are
    • Displayed Lists

      • Shows all the task lists as visible on the main screen
    • Settings

      • set option to Show / Hide task notifications
      • Set option to Show / Hide notification dot
      • Set time interval between notification sounds
    • Show completed tasks

      • Check box if enabled will display all completed tasks
    • Refresh

      • Made changes to your task lists? Refresh them here to display

About the Project

  • For more details on OpenTasks app check details here