Huawei P10 and Huawei P20 Lite

Would be great if /e/ would be aviable for the Huawei P10 and P20 Lite smartphone

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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if the bootloader aren’t unlocked now, you will have no chance to flash ANY custom rom. And Huawei doesn*t allow unlocking since more than a year.

According to some posts on XDA ( this one for example) it should be possible but requires some time and enthusiasm.

Actually it’s pretty simple.

You just have to take of the back cover that is the most difficult part. Turn your phone off before and keep it turned off for all the other steps. Then you have to short the so called testpoint shown in the following picture to a silver metal part of the phone(they are all grounded) while connecting it to your pc via a usb cable.

You can see that it worked if the display is not lighting up(it shines through and can be seen from the back) and when you see a new serial/com/tty device on your pc(device manger on windows, lsusb on linux). The name of the device on windows is either “COM something” or “HUAWEI something”.

On windows you have to install hisuite and the testpoint driver. Download the newest version of potatoNV unpack and execute it. Select your phone and “Kirin 65x (A)” as your bootloader click start. If everything worked you see a message telling you your key to unlock the bootloader. For me it only worked pressing start second time. Also this does not erase any data like the actual unlocking does.

On linux you have to use It is actually a fork but contains a mandatory fix. If you don’t know how to download click on the green button labeled “Code” and click “Download Zip”. Unzip it and open a terminal in that folder. Install python3 and pip if you have not done that already. Now run in the terminal pip install -r requirements.txt and then python3 usrlock -k YOUR_16_SYMBOL_LONG_KEY_HERE -b hisi659a. Replace the YOUR_16_SYMBOL_LONG_KEY_HERE with a 16 symbol long key like 0000000000000000 before though. This key will be the key set to unlock your bootloader.

We’ve unlocked a P8lite in the past, using PotatoNV+testpoint: a bit “tricky” but works.

Anyway, we strongly suggest to involve “huawei modding communities” both to push \e\ adoption and onboard more (possible) users/maintainers: