I can't use a certain application, is it because of /e/?

I’m having trouble using an application called Nextplus.
Is it because of /e/?

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Define “having trouble”? What is not going right?


I can’t sign up with the app.

Is there an error message or something?

Aurora Store (alternative access to free-of-charge Google Play Store Apps) lists “Nextplus Free SMS Text + Calls” as GSF-dependent, which means it needs Google services.

/e/ has no Google services. /e/ uses microG to mimic Google services as good as it can, but that has its limits.
While it works for a lot of Apps, there is no guarantee, and even if it works at a particular time, changes on Google’s side can break that at any given time, until microG did the necessary catching up again.

Nextplus is currently not listed as not working here … Editable List of Apps that work or do not work with microG … or here … https://github.com/microg/GmsCore/wiki/Problem-Apps … so your problem with it now might still be something else.


There are no error messages. It just won’t go ahead when I press sign up.
Yes, it could be microG or it could be a bug in the app itself.
What do you think is the solution in this case?

Is there a way to somehow determine whether the App has an outage or a bug, e.g. works on a different phone, works for anybody else?

Do you have some kind of firewall on the phone or in your network which might block the App from communicating with the necessary servers?

Else there’s generic stuff. Force-stop and restart the App, if it still doesn’t work reboot the phone, if it still doesn’t work clear the cache of the App, if it still doesn’t work reinstall the App.

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There is no firewall. I just installed /e/.
I force stopped the app and restarted it, but it didn’t work.

Is this the app ?.. Downloaded from the default /e/ Apps store. .went up to the sign up stage …I stopped at that point as I did not want to sign up…
Are you not able to reach this point ?

I can reach the point. I can’t go beyond the sign-up.

Was this app working earlier and now has stopped working ?
Some apps need the Google infra to complete the login process and will not work on /e/…you should add the app name to this list…we are working with Marvin the developer behind microG to resolve the issue with this list of apps. No ETA’s for now on a solution.

What does Nextplus do that the default e SMS app or Signal Private Messenger can’t? Why do you need the particular app, a preference or some functionality?

Yes. That’s because it’s not just an app that receives SMS, it’s also an app that gives you an SMS phone number. It is very secure and convenient for website authentication.

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Yes. But it was a long time ago, and I installed /e/, so I can’t check if it works fine in tests with normal Android.

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