I can't use my calendar anymore

Hi all,
My calendar was working just fine, until (I believe) the last update.
Now I have this screen and I don’t know what to do with that !

Thanks for your help !

Same for me. I just noticed this the other day after upgrading to 0.6-2019061913875 on a Samsung S6 Edge. I checked my settings and I do not have any google calendars attached to this phone. The calendar is attached to an /e/ calendar account.

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Hi @Marine if you cancel the pop up does it allow you to work or does this pop up keep coming? If it insists on a sign in to google service can you raise this as a bug in Gitlab so that it can be assigned and tracked to closure. Please also provide device and build details.

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Hi Manoj, thanks for your answer. If I cancel the pop up I can’t use my calendar because it’s empty. But all the rest of my apps work fine. I’m gonna raise the bug in Gitlab thanks !

The pop up comes up every time I start the calendar app. The calendar is empty. Looked for a setting to see if the calendar was even attempting to connect to /e/ servers and it is not. I will try installing F-droid and then DAVdroid later tonight and see it it will sync then. I have noticed after the upgrade I did not have F-droid and DAVdroid.

I used these instructions to update: [HOWTO] Update /e/

I wasn’t one of the lucky ones and had to use a manual update (section B). I could not do the OTA. I downloaded the image to the phone and did the update through TWRP which appears to have broken my syncing of calendar and email. So…

Last night I did not have any luck connecting the calendar app on the phone to the /e/ servers. I tried to create an account in Settings -> Accounts with no luck. (I didn’t try too hard )

This morning I downloaded a fresh image from the net and flashed it via adb sideload and as is expected I had to setup my /e/ account on the first run. The calendar and email now sync.

The problem is not solved, I don’t have my calendar and my contacts either !
I don’t really want to flash my phone again … Is there any other solution ?
Today I updated my phone to the 0.7-2019070515670 version.

Hi @Marine please can you try the solution suggested by @nihar1024 here and let us know if it worked.

Hi Manoj, thank you. I just tried it and it’s still not working. Any other suggestion?

Hi @Marine can you check if you are able to log in to ecloud here with you /e/ email ID. If that works please can you raise an issue with logs in Gitlab here

Actually, I don’t know why but now it’s working ! Maybe it needed some time … Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: thanks for the update @Marine