I need this e rom for Nokia 6.1 plus

I need this e rom for Nokia 6.1 plus

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Hi @0099sscompany welcome

You could research whether a GSI image would work for you.

Has anyone used this on a Nokia 5.3?

From what I can make out after a little research on XDA Forums, it isn’t even possible yet to unlock the bootloader on the Nokia 5.3. So there won’t be any device-specific custom ROMs until that is solved, and there won’t be a device-specific /e/ ROM until there is at least an unofficial Lineage OS ROM.

It may be possible that an /e/ GSI might work, but not until the ‘unlock bootloader’ problem is solved.

If you want /e/, I think you will probably need a different phone :frowning:

See here for more discouraging news:

There’s still no official way to unlock this phone’s bootloader, but there are unofficial ways, so here’s an unofficial /e/OS build for it