I think I broke my Murena cloud

Hi, I just got my new Murena Fsirphone 4 with e os.

So far, i’m really happy with it but i’ve not yet figured out how to get my wife off of google calendar, and i use a third party cal app (where there is an option to keep cal notifications ringing until they are dismissed, for reasons) that syncs to her calendar. I figured out that i neded to add my Google acccount to the phone snd set up that to do cal sync. The 3rd partycal app works now.

But i’m not sure if i broke photo sync to Murena cloud, or just didn’t set it up correctly. I can log into my Murena cloud account in firefox, but don’t see photos there. The local apps for Gallery and Files don’t serm to have settings for Murena cloud backup. Do I need a Nectcloud client app?

P.s., sorry for poor typing, still looking for a gboard replacemen, i was spoiled. :upside_down_face:

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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Yes! I just found out that Proton Drive will automatically back up photos from Android. That is 90% of my issues solved. https://proton.me/drive/photo-storage

I’ll try to see if ican get a nextcloud client to save other stuff to the murenacloud and post my results here.

Btw, suggestions for an open source or privacy-aware Android keyboard for e-os? I’m using Florisboard, and love the glide typing, but really miss autocorrect and suggestions.

OpenBoard works very well for me!

@MaMaTT88 Thanks! The autocorrect is a relief, but I’d love to get glide typing too.

not necessarily. If you added an murena cloud account (that you might have created?), the device could do the filesync. But the nextcloud client has more users, thus sees more bugfixes and can be more stable… in theory. See How to add the account and filepaths it syncs.

Calendar shares can be a headache if you require both accounts be able to write to it (instead of just subscribing to each other - that works cross-provider). Seems you have that solved for now, but there’d be threads on it in the forum.

The nextcloud app sermedto get my sync to the murena cloud working, so that’s sorted.

For the keyboard, heliboard works like gboard if you load a dictionary and a swipe typing library (proprietary) so I’m psyched to have found that.

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