I Want To Use Notes Without An Account?

Thank you for the clarification. I must admit that I did not test this option to the end. I really thought that once the sync was deactivated it was ok.
After that I don’t use notes very much, I hardly ever use it.
In fact they are synchronized at home and I’m fine with that. Even if I understand that it can be annoying for some (or at least that the synchronization is activated without asking anything).

After that, syncing is part of the /e/ offer. That’s why I switched to this OS, to have a coherent set of offers without having to deal with google.

For the application as such, for my use it is fine. After that, maybe it needs to be improved.:slight_smile:

Just ignore the supplied Notes app and use “Another Notes” app its very good. To be extra sure go into e/OS settings and turn off Mobile data and wifi for the app.

That issue has just been automatically closed by /e/ robot, because it ‘has not shown any activity for a while’. I tested in v1-12.3, and it is still not possible to use Notes without an account. I added a comment to the defect, but I could not reopen it - it seems no longer have permission to reopen this defect.

If you look at the comments to this epic, it looks like it won’t be done for a while, because the upstream Notes app requires NextCloud sync app to be installed, whereas /e/'s forked app uses /e/'s Account Manager which is in turn forked from the upstream DAVx5 application.

So I don’t think this problem will ever be fixed in /e/OS - if you want to use a Notes app without an /e/ or NextCloud account, then you’ll have to use a different app, at least for the foreseeable future.

And I wish /e/ would be up-front about stuff like this: if they’re not going to fix an issue, then they should say so, and mark the issue as ‘Won’t fix’ before closing, rather than letting it be closed automatically and hoping nobody will notice :frowning:

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The automated closing of bugs on Gitlab is a process to keep in check issues which have not seen any changes in a long time. If users feel an issue needs to be re-opened they can always request for it and one of the admin on Gitlab or I can re-open it.


Then please either re-open this issue or, if it is not going to be fixed, then add a comment or label making that clear. Thanks

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Issue has been reopened as per request.


This is as I already said before: since bugs do not disappear from its own (and when they do as a developer I have never a good feeling) it’s really a bad idea to close issues by an automatic process. And there’s absolutely no need for doing this. You should be glad to have this! Look,

  • the user found something which isn’t good,
  • the user checked this several times to be sure,
  • the user wants to help,
  • the user registered himself on a platform,
  • the user made a case for you, sometimes he needed an hour to get all the facts together,
  • the user did wait for a year or so and
  • you didn’t do something during this year (not the case, the case does normally nothing).

But then your no brainer background process comes and mows the case down because of inactivity. I call this a reversal of responsibility. Never seen that before.


@irrlicht really think you should empathize. It’s just bugtrackers, closed bugs can be commented still and there is search+backlinking.

time investment to develop features (or even fix bugs) is very often inversely proportional to the time of users that even put in the best of bug and feature reports.

Automatically closing issues without a recent signal is not a nice thing, but it’s still useful for teams that don’t have the capacity to manage the inflow.

There are other tools. I’d use a feature voting platform to relieve bugtrackers to signal demand. Discourse has plugins for that.

The Notes App itself is a bit of a sad story really. The nextcloud / murena webui takes precedence over device App ease of use and robustness. Well, not my call :slight_smile:

Yes, sure, but seriously: closed cases are closed. The chance is high that they are never visited again, neither by developers nor by other users who detect the same or a similar problem. They don’t participate in searches and so on, that’s the reason for closing them.

This is the reason why I say this. A small team should be interested in any help they can get, especially when they have an active community and a good bug tracking platform.

I don’t expect that they solve every single case immediately. But if they decide to let a case unsolved they should either close it by an ordinary reason or put it into a list of known issues but not blame the case for inactivity and let an automatic background process do the nasty job. This is deterring users.

Look, if they don’t do anything for a year they will have no bugs at all anymore. Everything’s fine then. Really?

in my experience, pinging to reopen optionally with current reproduction will in fact reopen an issue.

Happy to discuss this off-thread with an example you’re especially bothered about.

That changed for me at least: the robot closed an issue that I had raised, and I was not able to reopen it. I had to ask @Manoj to reopen it. I have been able to reopen closed issues before, but not now :frowning:

The problem is: having an open case is something different than having a closed case which can be reopened again. I say it again: unsolved cases are closed here for the reason that they should not disturb anymore. People who should be interested didn’t show any interest (this is what “the case didn’t show any activity” really means) and they don’t want to have crap in their list. On the user’s side this leads to misunderstandings, frustration, double and triple cases and especially it does not solve any problem.

If this will not be changed, at least let us allow to unistall it

Looking at the issue, it has been fixed, and the fix is awaiting deployment, in /e/OS v2 (if I have read the issue correctly)

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Oh i see, this was just a day ago, well then i have to wait for 2.0 :slight_smile:

That is true. Default app like Notes requires to have an account like on Google Android. This shows opposite to slogan My Data Is My Data.

True, installing another app is possible, but this seems to be a weak point from user’s view.

Maybe, but until then (whenever this will be) the thing is whenever someone comes and wants to take private local notes he can’t. And what’s the consequence? The consequence is he takes something else. The thread has been started in November 2022, 18 months ago, a lot of time to try something else. I use another app since my first day with /e/ 0.10. - But when you use something else and you get familiar with that you probably stay there.

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So anybody found an App they are content to use. Where’s the harm in that?

The default App doesn’t do a certain thing, a certain set of users chooses some other App because of it. The flaw of the default App got pointed out, apparently this gets corrected (even if only after quite a while), the new version is set to arrive :person_shrugging: .

Not every default App will please 100% of the users. Not every /e/OS user uses the Bliss launcher, not every /e/OS user uses App Lounge, not every /e/OS user uses Magic Earth etc. etc. …

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