I9305- Flash this patch on your Device

I just installed the heimdall-gui. But it says:
ERROR: Protocol initialisation failed!

You are aware of:

There are some issues there mention that error! :slight_smile:

Package name may be
what distribution do you use ?


I just try to find the right partitions to the right files. Do I have to install all of the files in the firmware folder? I don’t know where I must install TZSW, MD5HDR, BOTAO and so on.

Heimdall frontend runs. But the problem is the right file in the right folder.


That is some heavy duty detective work!

When you have your print-pit file in front of you, most of the pieces will fit in a fairly intuitive manner. When you have the first few [partition – file] pairings done, the remainder should become easier! The blog post seems to explain better than me!

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To me the problem seems to be that I don’t have the right firmware-file. On the links above there are different patches with zip files for the I9305. I don’t know which is the right one.


There are different patches for the same phone. This is not an easy solution. I better leave fingers from smartphones. :slight_smile:

P.S. I could not post the links here.

Hi, @h2b2, did you already search this forum for other user’s experience?

You might check your device codename

Others have given negative feedback about samfw_com you might do beter to rely on these sources

In that manual it says:

In a command windows/terminal type this:
adb shell getprop ro.product.device

When I type that command my terminal says:

error: no devices/emulators found


adb devices

find the device?

So you are in germany, some Samsung firmware are carrier dependant, one is free of carrier.
What kind of Samsung firmware is actually installed on your phone ?
it is noticed on the stock download mode screen (model number),

and on the stock recovery mode,
screen (Release on top, and CSC on bottom)

No. It says:

adb devices

List of devices atached

What is the stock download mode screen Release and CSC?

So that is a negative, adb fails to contact atm!

(The explanation is, List of devices should return your device ID - when you get that reply, the device is not contactable)

We call stock, an unmodified software or feature.

I like Linux so much, but it your situation, please, take the Windows computer of a friend, and use Odin to flash the latest Samsung Firmware (corresponding to your model and CSC), you also could flash TWRP with it.
It will take 30-60 minutes. This way we are sure to see if we are in front of a hardware failure (SIM slot) or just a C.K.I. issue ( Chair to Keyboard Interface ).

What I also saw is that in all firmware zip files I downloaded the PIT file was missing except in the first one what was the

what was definitely not the right one.

But that is the most important. Isn’t it?

Yes as your phone was not shiped by a specific Irish carrier.

Your other post point to German firmware, but witch one is matching with your device CSC ?

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I was curious about CSC

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