I'm not heard when I call someone using Signal Messenger


I’m trying to use Signal messenger on /e/ Fairphone 3, but the voice calls are not working. When I call someone, I’m able to hear the person but the person doesn’t hear me.

When someone call me, I hear OK and the person also can hear me ok - same for video calls.

I’ve tried WhatsApp & Telegram - same issue.

Any thoughts?


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Sholud be working with the next update… we are really waiting for it…
More info also here:
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Thank you for your answer!

Any idea when the next update might be?
Is it an /e/OS update?
How do I apply it - is it via Apps store?


Hopefully it is included in the update around 15. June…
It will be an update of the OS…
You should get a notification, when it is available…

Thanks you… :wink:


We published an update tonight to fix the microphone issue in Signal.
Let me know if you are facing any issue!



It is working now!
Thank you! :slight_smile:

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