I'm terrible at forums and I need help google framework is a thorn in my side

I can’t afford a new devices, I just gave the iPad I was selling to my friend for her son. I’ve completely de-googled, now reinstalling is no big thing if I have to but if I can stay de-googled I want to. I ran the aurora zip during this last install of Resurrection Remix that installed aurora services, store, droid, and warden. If you know what i’m talking about great, please help me, if you don’t its a package that installs 4 things. On the droid store being that its much like f-droid I can use most apps. but the aurora store has many google apps and as I’ve found apps that require google framework. For the most part i’m happy without those apps but I can’t find a voice to text app and I’d like to possible have apps that think I have google framework without actually having google framework, I need to get a fairphone but I can’t afford one, i’m stuck with this moto g6 ali, xt1925-6. this last build of RR is great, I’m not sure if I have posted in the wrong place or if I’m allowed to ask for help on another rom. I"m sorry if I did. /e/ doesn’t have a build for me yet and compiling on my own is out the question.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

As I understand it (someone correct me if I am wrong!) micro-g emulates some but not all of Google framework. This means that some apps that “require” Google framework may still work on /e/os. I have found this to be the case with a Chinese news app I have been using. It’s worth trying out an app to see if it works at least well enough for your purposes.

Aurora Droid is an alternative client for F-Droid, so it will have the same Apps as F-Droid.

Aurora Store is an alternative client for the Google Play Store, so it will have the same Apps as the Play Store (at least in general, you still might get particular Apps offered or not offered to you depending on whether you use the Aurora account to stay anonymous, or if you use your own Google account).

You could try microG, an Open Source replacement of Google Services, enabling many Google-dependent Apps to run, but it’s more a nice-to-have feature, as you can’t rely on Apps to work 100% of the time.
(And I don’t know whether microG works with Resurrection Remix.)

If you really rely on a Google-dependent App to run, you need to partly go back to Google with packages like e.g. Open GApps, which let you install the genuine Google services (but you can choose which ones to a certain extent), letting you run Google-dependent Apps reliably, in connection with Google’s device registration for the use of Google Apps and services on non-certified Android OSes, to not endanger your Google account … https://www.google.com/android/uncertified/).

That’s what I did, I reinstalled with open_gapps nano. The phone is actually running really great right now. I couldn’t under stand the process for MicroG. Thatnks

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Thank you, I cannot unlock the bootloader on my new phone do I’m stuck.