Impossible to Unlock bootloader redmi note 5 pro with mi unlock device not detect the phone

Hi e users ! I 'm encounterring a strange issue on my second xiaomi redmi note 5 pro, so i can’t flash e because i can’t unlock the bootloader of my own propertie a redmi note 5 pro cause mi unlock says that my devices is not connected whereas it is connected in fastboot mode and appear in device manager in windows 10 64bits personnal and drivers are properly installed from mi unlock and the device is on miui stable global with usb debugging and OEM unlock permission and is detected with cmd fastboot devices command but when mi unlock is running the device is disconnected immediatly and automaticaly with widows sound for disconnected usb device. What can i do ? I have try to uninstall and reinstall drivers , to copy mi unlock folder directly to c:/ , can you h/e/lp me ? thanks

@Nikoleos at the unlocking phone it is Xiaomi territory :slight_smile: also depends on how you PC is adjusting to the new device driver. You could try with a different usb port or a different PC if possible. Here is a link with some suggestions will check if there are more links. Looks like you have already tried a few options yourself.

The connection cable is also important. Did you use the original cable?

Yes it’s original cable

Yes i agree with you when you says that it’s xiaomi territory so i link here my post from xiaomi’s forum :

The only solution i found was to try on another pc and on that manually install xiaomi drivers from mi unlock folder cause windows update don’t find the correct drivers on windows 7 64bits

Now i 'm wainting for 271 hours left before unlocking… Thanks a lot @Manoj

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May I suggest you try it on Linux? You don’t need to load any specific driver on that OS.

Some other tips are there :

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@Erekoze how is it possible on linux ? Mi unlock tool is for windows I think. Can I do it on rasbian running on my raspberry powered with ARM processor I guess on a virtual machine ?

Il est possible d’utiliser les commandes adb en mode fastboot pour déverrouiller le bootloader des téléphones Xiaomi et donc pas besoin de Windows ou de logiciels Xiaomi.
je l’ai fait a plusieurs reprises sur mon Mi Mix 2.

Hi @Nikoleos Xiaomi will first have to authorize your phone can be unlocked before MiUnlock can work. Even after their approval it took me about a week if i remember.
. In the phone after you enable developer options. Enable oem unlock besides Android debugging

The fastboot command is

fastboot oem unlock

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Je suis nouveau dans le monde linux et suis sous rasbian, comment exécuter des command adb ou fastboot sous rasbian ? Y aurait il un wiki ?

Bună ziua, Nikoleos.

“fastboot oem unlock” from the command line. I think you need a code for Xianomi to unlock your bootloader. Have you check XDA?

If you need to run linux download ubuntu image disc and boot from the disk. Then install android-tools-adb and android-tools-fastboot whitout install ubuntu.

Maybe the problem, on windows, is that you need to run the executable as ADMINISTRATOR.

Pour faire tourner les commandes adb sur linux voir le tutoriel du gitlab, tu y trouveras les paquets à installer sous linux pour faire tourner les commandes fastboot et adb.

Tu trouveras aussi ci-dessous le tutoriel pour installer la ROM /e/ et donc les commandes à utiliser.

On my mi mix 2, I unlock and lock the bootloader without using Xiaomi services.
Xiaomi services are too restrictive.
The fastboot commands work perfectly on my phone.

To try with the other phones if the procedure doesn’t work, the fastboot console says it and at worst it is just a reset of the phone.

it ’ my opinion.

I am not a developer but I install custom roms since I discovered Xiaomi brand and Rom Miui in 2011 with the nexus one.

OK. I never goy a Xianomi device so don’t have experience with them. :neutral_face::smirk:

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salut @lcjmle j’essaye de comprendre ce qu’il faut entrer pour installer adb et fastboot sur linux mais je ne comprends pas le chemin à saisir au point 3 et 5

pourrais tu m’expliquer ?

On Linux

  1. Download the Linux zip from Google.
  2. Extract it somewhere - for example, ~/adb-fastboot .
  3. Add the following to ~/.profile :
if [ -d "$HOME/adb-fastboot/platform-tools" ] ; then
 export PATH="$HOME/adb-fastboot/platform-tools:$PATH"
  1. Log out and back in.
  2. You may also need to set up udev rules: see this repository for more info
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Dans ce fil de discutions vers la fin j’explique les commandes linux pour installer adb et fastboot. Et aussi pour installer les règles Udev.
Si celà peut t’aider…

Sinon le point 3 tu dois ajouter au fichier .profile les commandes qui vérifient si on a un répertoire adb-fastboot dans ton repertoire personnel tilde pour les outils googles et dans ce cas rajoute le répertoire des outils Google adb et fastboot au path pour pouvoir lancer les applicatifs…

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Merci pour tes explications. La procédure que tu donne fonctionne elle sous raspbian ARM64 ? Car il y a des lignes qui ont l’air spécifique à la distribution ubuntu

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Effectivement pas testé sur rasbpian, cela te donne une autre approche qui peut t’aider a comprendre ce qui est nécessaire pour adb et fastboot…

Rasbpian est basé sur debian et ubuntu aussi…

wget permet de récupérer des fichiers. Existe sur debian au pire apt-get install wget
chmod permet de changer les droits des fichiers et existe en natif…
unzip commande pour dezipper les fichiers compressés.

Sinon tu peux essayer celà sur raspbian :

$sudo apt-get update
$sudo apt-get install -y android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot
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Je croyais qu’il était écrit en haut de la page:
" /e/ en Français "

et en plus, l"anglais" de certains…

Or get another effective method to unlock xiaomi without password, but it will erase all data on xiaomi device.