Improved Display Settings

Hello, while optimising battery usage for my /e/os device i noticed that the screen uses many times more power than any of the apps power draw. Would it be possible for:

  • Ability to change screen resolution: Considering screen sizes on phones are different, maybe ratios could be used as most still have their width at 720 or 1080 from what i see.

  • Ability to set the minimum and maximum framerate: Currently a minimum exists but it would be nice if it could go lower, though i dont know if that is a limit of the screen or not. Capping the max framerate would be nice especially considering some screens go to 120+Hz now, which for most tasks is completely unneeded.

I dont know if the screens power usage includes the GPU usage or not, but having control over these values would be useful when trying to minimise power draw.

a change in resolution wouldn’t help according to this article Here's why high refresh rate displays drain so much battery - Smartprix - but indeed the refresh rate

Shifting from 60Hz to 120Hz or from 90Hz to 120Hz will significantly increase battery drain, but shifting from full HD […] to QHD will not have much impact on battery mileage.

as this post too underlines:

  • On Gmail browsing, we measured around 10% extra power drain when switching from 60Hz to 120Hz
  • During Chrome browsing, we have measured up to 30% extra power drain when selecting 144Hz

thanks for bringing this to my attention.

My intuition would be though that the most significant factor is backlight intensity / luminance.

Ill do some tests today to see if it is the brightness. Typically i have it as low as possible, so i forgot to take it into account.

As its an OLED display, ive made all the apps and backgrounds i could be almost full black to save power aswell which is why i was so surprised at the power usage for the screen being 26% with the most power hungry app using 1%

Does this seem right to you? cant tell if im just expecting too much or not.

Does this seem right to you?

comparing ratios without knowing to what they refer is hard… that stats page is showing percentages relative to runtime since last full charge. So can’t tell if I think 26% is a lot, though I’d expect the screen to be the biggest factor in battery drain. Intensive apps like games and video streaming coming in as second. I think it’s best to compare to other owners of your device.

I do look at battery draw with a helper tool, but my focus was on discharge rate during “idle” (you’ll see the screen was barely on) - Moto battery drain comparison - #15 by tcecyk

Hello, i found out that that “high” power draw from the screen in idle was from the Always On Display.
It seems to run at max brightness all the time which i think is just slowly draining the battery. (I think after enabling Ambient Display in setting it now is using the screen brightness).

Could there be a way to control the Always On Display more? Such as:

  • Control over maximum brightness?
  • Control over what is on the AOD? Eg, toggles for each element of the display or different options for them.

That should make it easier to balance between what the user wants and idle battery life.
Attached is my power draw, that half way point where the drop decreases is where i turns the AOD off.

uh yes, luxurious :slight_smile: there are threads on r/LineageOS on adjusting AOD… it links an xda post, you could try that?

I don’t have an AMOLED display… no AOD option. It should be at Settings → Display → Lockscreen → … don’t you have any options there?

I will go do that adb method. Also no there seems to only be an on/off switch for the AOD in settings.