Install avoiding snap

first of all much gratitude to e.f. for the incredible volume of labor invested in this niche’ community.
i am seriously grateful.

i need to ask for a tutorial of some-sort that allows me to use the"easy install" without using snap.
snapcraft and flatpack are far to destructive, disrespectful, and privacy destroying.

anyone no familiar with the problem just draw a paralel to how the steam game franchise abuses updates and user data.

with that in mind go watch a system through wireshark that has snap and flat installed.
enough said.

so,less the rant, and more the issue on hand.
is there a tutorial how i can cli, into an install, or download the easyinstall without snap?
i am not good at all with cli, but if there is an instruction, then i can stumble through it after enough tries

Welcome on this forum.

Easy installer is more a step by step graphical guide than a real automatic installer and many times it is buggy,

Classic installation is not so difficult than you can imagine…
On which computer OS do you plan to work ?
On which android device do you plan to install /e/ ?

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To build Easy Installer from source start with the Readme here

and be sure to follow on to

@piero said similar … I would judge that it would probably be more productive to learn for yourself the principles of installing a custom ROM.

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Seconded! It’s really not hard to do, and once you’ve got the hang of it it gives you a lot more flexibility

hello all
first thank you 10 million thank yourz for your responses.
i apologize for the slow responsive time. my schedule is somewhat unpredictable.

Mr Piero Sir, when i get to the final screen , the coms have been established between my unlocked PF4 and the linix mint PC there is no longer any coms of any type?

everything went perfectly untill then? i did the boot loader unlock through PC cli using adb/fastboot

seriously hoping for this murena experiance. it looks great

Did you install the file easy-installer-0.13.4-beta.deb ? This is quite an old version (I assume from the date of the post about June 2022.)

Please find the log, to see exactly what progress was made. I think you will find a root (or so) installation directory, but I think also a second set of user directories (I think), where the files downloaded in the course of an Easy Installer actual run went, this is where you may find the common/ folder and from there the log (from memory).

Please find the log, to see exactly what progress was made

i am trying to find this…my vision is foggy and i have a headache. going to sleep. maybe when i get up i will find it easy pesy

I did not realise that this version of Easy-Installer was still on this machine from when I tested it. It turns out that it was not at all easy-peasy to find my log when I started Easy Installer in the usual way, I expect due these ERRORS seen on the logging section of my terminal output

10:17:33,421 |-ERROR in ch.qos.logback.core.joran.spi.Interpreter@35:18 - no applicable action for [encoder], current ElementPath  is [[configuration][appender][encoder]]
10:17:33,421 |-ERROR in ch.qos.logback.core.joran.spi.Interpreter@36:22 - no applicable action for [pattern], current ElementPath  is [[configuration][appender][encoder][pattern]]

I ran this launch command from terminal

$ /usr/share/easy-installer-linux-x86/bin/easy-installer

The terminal output produces the full correct history of the tasks done, in the format of the usual log. I used an unsupported device, so I knew running an old Easy Installer would be safe !

Self question: I am wondering at what time FP4 was added to Easy Installer, it might be more recent than easy-installer-0.13.4-beta ? Self answer Searching the branch history, contains no FP4 scripts and the scripts there mirror the scripts I see /usr/share/easy-installer-linux-x86/bin/scripts/. I think there is a high chance you will have an unsupported device,

Classic installation is not so difficult than you can imagine…
On which computer OS do you plan to work ?
On which android device do you plan to install /e/ ?

[HOWTO] an Unified Install Guide Project for /e/

With an FP4, which one already unlocked, one hardly needs a guide as in this device all the work is already done with one script which you unzip from the download !

Caution: The FP4 comes with an anti-rollback feature. Read the paragraph marked Caution in Requirements section of this guide, before proceeding.

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