Install from Macbook (M1) to FairPhone4

Hello all,

I’ve been struggling with installing /e/OS on my FP4 using my Macbook with Apple M1 chip.
I’ve been following the Unifier Install Guide and managed most of the steps.
The problem is when I want to flash the OS on my phone. It seems my version of MacOS doesn’t causes some issues:

Any suggestions on how to proceed?

I’ve tried the EasyInstaller, but after booting the phone in fastboot, the phone isn’t recognised by Easyinstaller, so I’m stuck there as well.

Somebody has made changes to the installer script for the FP4 to run on MacOS here: I rewrote the installer script for MacOS and FP4

Yesterday I installed /e/OS on a FP4 with my MacBook M1 and EasyInstaller and it went well. No issues.

If you want to install /e/OS with a Mac by comand line you need platform-tools.

Thank you, it worked!

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