Install on Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Hello, I’m looking to install the rom on Xiaomi Mi Max 3, if you have any information …

I have in my possession the files :


Hi @maitreoda,
This is the list of /e/ supported devices . The Mi Max 3 is not in it.
You can try to build an /e/ ROM for your device with details available here ,here or here

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thank you for your quick reply

Just wondering out loud, but couldn’t you use one of the existing Xiaomi image? There isn’t a Mi Max 3 specific ROM of LineageOS either, but some users have installed a ROM for similar Xiaomi model, with pretty much same hardware (physically smaller screen and battery) and it seems to work just fine. Wouldn’t this work for /e/ as well?

Please note that I haven’t tried this myself, it’s just something I read on another forum, while browsing for Mi Max 3 ROMs.

Welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

To build a ROM, you need sources and you need to make those sources compatible with a specific device, you can’t just use something used for a similar device.

There is a working unofficial LineageOS 16.0 so wait a little (a few months maximum) and you will have an unofficial build (don’t forget to request the device).

Oh, I see, it must’ve been an unofficial build then. Thanks for clarifying that. :slight_smile:

I see there is a request for Mi Max 3 already. I’ll post on there too. Hopefully maitreoda will do the same…