Xiaomi Mi Max 3 - nitrogen

Hi Guys,

I’m currently using Xiaomi Mi Max 3. It’s a great phone with a huge screen (6.9’) and a huge battery life (115h - 5500mAh). The phone is also really cheap (approx. 230€).

The main downside with the official ROM is that there are a lot of ads (and for sure trackers). Thats why I thought about /e/ which would free this great phone!

Main specs: GSMArena
XDA official forum: XDA

Dude! what a phone! that battery --!
sounds amazing!

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Hi, I have just build a pie version for nitrogen. if you want test, pls see here:

I hope I will get my device next week. So the version is untested in the moment

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jmaeder, did you test it yet?

please see here [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Pi/e/ GSI for Mi MaX3 (nitrogen)

I would also like to see an official build for Mi Max 3, hope you can do it in the future, thanks! :slight_smile:

Good news, the forum search will point you to this

I’m using it on my daily driver since several month without any issue

In August I will build the next fresh GSI