Installing /e/ on galaxy tab S2 Wifi

Hi e community

Interesting by ungoogling my digital life, i recently bought a device to test /e/.
As I don’t have a tablet at home, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, also based on the reading of this install page.

As I do not succeed to sideload the zip file (failed signature), I discover that it was the TRWP that was not the good one (i was always in official one using ‘update with adb’ menu) … so i search more and thanks to xda forum, I download a good one : it seems that my tablet is the 2015 model (gts210wifi) and not the 2016 (gts210vewifi) (sic).

So, I’m actually inside Trwp for first time but here is now my questions : is it risky to try to upload the gts210vewifi image on my gts210wifi device ? what are the technical specifications differences ? if so, is these differences could affect my installation and definitively put my device out of order ?

Thanks in advance for your answers :slight_smile:


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Hi @twiny welcome to the /e/ forum.

Until you learn different, I would say it is unwise! This search will help: Search results for 'gts210wifi' - /e/ community

In a quick search I do find an Unofficial LineageOS for SM-T810 [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][11] LineageOS 18.1 [T710][T715][T715Y][T810][T815][T815Y] | XDA Forums but I do not see his device tree so far. Your mentioned /e/ ROM states it is SM-T813 specific. If you find references to the two devices sharing a device tree it might be possible to make a better judgement. Good luck.

PS Info about gts210wifi | LineageOS Wiki | Install LineageOS on gts210wifi | LineageOS Wiki

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thank you for answering and edited so quickly :+1:

effectively, my About tablet / model number is : SM-T810.
and of course, I will not try to install the gts210vewifi on my device.

it’s a shame because i wanted to test /e/ and as far as I know lineageOS is not /e/.
but i’ll give it a try regardless.

I just found on this link that there is a difference of processor between Tab S2 2015 and 2016:
SM-T810 aka gts210wifi has a Samsung Exynos
SM-T813 aka gts210vewifi has a Qualcomm Snapdragon
though, I will throw an eye on lineageOs for my device

Did you follow my first suggestion/link? I saw some Unofficial /e/ I thought? Refine the search for #unofficial-builds.

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thank you again for your support.

First, I tried to install unofficial /e/ build found in this post, but it has failed (error 7).
So, I decide to give a try with lineageOS 18.1 and Yes it succeed to install even if adb sideload show an error at 47%. lineageos worked well.
Then I decide to retry with /e/ and the sideload then began, and this time without error but counter to lineageos, /e/ unofficial is looping on “logo + my data is MY data”.

Just a very quick reply. Sometimes (pre Oreo) you can jump Android versions “against the rules” - that is #anti-rollback, other times you need to flash Stock ROM - What is a stock ROM and how do I get one?. Check out the “install page” in your OP for the “official warning”!

Sorry but I don’t understand well what you want to mean. what OP stand for ?

Meanwhile, as I backup through twrp in internal storage but forget to transfer on laptop, this link is very usefull for me, thank you again. :+1:

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Sorry :blush: OP= opening post. Remember I do not know what Android version you started from, so I just provided some key words for you. Now that you tried Android 11, you may have fewer options!

oh … i read. :unamused:
is this because of the ARB thing that the unofficial /e/os was looping ?

does it mean that i cannot go back to samsung stock rom based on 7 nougat ? :thinking:

staying at lineageos 18 can be the deal in condition i can install app because the embedded browser sucks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

is this because of the ARB thing that the unofficial /e/os was looping ?

Seems the most likely explanation.

But, @twiny, an edit; did you wipe Data (that is wipe system,data,cache,dalvik) as you attempted to move from Lineage 18 to 7 Nougat. If not that would be good to try. With a “built for Nougat” device you may be less impacted by anti rollback protection. With my older Samsung I have bumped Android versions, various things went wrong but I previously dug myself out!

The important thing is to read before you jump too much. And it can be significant if you installed Gapps in Lineage, that should be avoided when you attempt to downgrade.

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THANK YOU SO SO MUCH :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I appreciate a lot time you spent answering me :hugs:

You were right, I didn’t think to wipe before trying to downgrade from lineage v11 to nougat v7 …
I just did it, and it has worked instantly like a charm. (despite the red message at boot: kernel is not seandroid enforcing)

I can now go discovering the benefits of this beautiful ungoogled os :clap:

PS: However, I had read everything 3 times before starting :upside_down_face:.