Installing /e/OS on a Samgsung Galaxy S5 (international) that previously had lineage OS 17

I am trying to install eOS on a Samsung Galaxy S5 International that previously had lineage OS 17. I am aware of the warnings about doing this and am willing to take the risk of bricking my device. (I unsuccessfylly tried to install lineage OS 18 some time ago). I am following the instructions on Install /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE International - “klte”.

Installing recovery (recovery-e-0.19-r-20211129148871-dev-klte.img) and wiping partitions is smooth sailing. However, when I try to enable adb in recovery I get the following error messages (probably the same as, or at least similar to the error i got when trying to install lineage 18)

E: Failed to bind mount /mnt/staging/emulated/media/0 to /storage/emulated: No such file or directory
E: emulated failed to bind mount /mnt/staging/emulated/media/0 on /storage/emulated: No such file or directory

The basic meaning of the error messages is quite clear to me but I have no idea what to do about them. Can anyone give me a hint on how to solve this?


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Really flashing any /e/ ROM it should go on the appropriate manufacturers stock ROM, as mentioned Week 52 : Development and Testing Updates

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Is your variant klte?

Ok, so I need to flash the stock ROM first and then flash /e/OS.

How do I get the stock ROM? I do have other Galaxy S5 devices, can I copy from them or do I need to download from somewhere?

How do I flash the stock ROM to the phone? Do I use heimdall? Is there a guide somewhere that I can follow?

Yes, my variant is klte.

I use the kltedv variant however the process will be the same. I use windows 10 for the initial setup.
If I had your device I would flash the final Samsung build for the klte variant, which is Marshmallow, using Odin. Once the device boots up I would then flash latest TWRP for klte via Odin. Reboot into recovery, Format Data, then Advance Wipe Dalvik / ART Cashe, System, Data, Internal Storage and Cashe. Next flash your custom ROM of choice which will be stored on your SD card.
/e/ image ROM download v.19 is the latest official build and the kltedv variant build works exceptionally well and super stable. Choose your country and download
How To Flash Stock Rom On Samsung Galaxy S5 Via ODIN - Technobezz
Remember to back up before attempting above.
Good luck mate…

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Thanks for the links and the instructions!

I’m on Linux so Odin is not an option for me. My apologies for not being clear about that from the beginning! Perhaps heimdall can do the job?

Im unfamiliar with heimdall. Should be plenty of YouTube vids and other tutorials to assist you…

So… I’ve downloaded two different stock ROMs and tried to flash them. I’ve been using both /e/:s recovery and twrp (flashed using heimdall flash --RECOVERY [filename].zip --no-reboot) and I’ve done it from SD-card and via adb. /e/:s recovery tells me:

E: footer is wrong
Update package verification took 0.2 s (result 1)
E: Signature verification failed
E: error: 21

Twrp just says failed.

This is true for both ROMs. Can anyone give me a hint? Flashing via adb or from SD-card shouldn’t make a difference right? And reasonably both twrp and /e/:s recovery should do the job, right? I tried all possible combinations just to be sure. Do I have ROMs that don’t match my device?

The Stock ROM will require to occupy the whole device.

So you more or less cannot flash a Stock ROM from a Custom Recovery!

So you are needing to search for the information to flash the whole Stock ROM. Odin is easier from someone else’s Windows … or …

Do I have ROMs that don’t match my device?

Please be absolutely certain of this before you go further! Try

Edit, or [HOWTO] Find device codename
Also @rockford I just remembered [HOWTO] (Needs expert review) Flash Galaxy s9+ to Stock Android 10 using heimdall-gui

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Success! I was finally able to install stock firmware on my Galaxy S5 (G-900F) :smile:

What I did:

  1. Download and extract the firmware
  2. Start the phone in Download Mode and then connect it to the computer
  3. In the folder with the extracted files run:

heimdall flash --ABOOT aboot.mbn --BOOT boot.img --CACHE cache.img.ext4 --HIDDEN hidden.img.ext4 --MODEM modem.bin --APNHLOS NON-HLOS.bin --RECOVERY recovery.img --RPM rpm.mbn --SBL1 sbl1.mbn --DBI sdi.mbn --SYSTEM system.img.ext4 --TZ tz.mbn

That’s it. After flashing the phone reboots and starts setting up the new firmware. This takes a loooong time! Then it reboots again into the newly installed firmware. Done.

After this I simply followed the official instructions for installing /e/ and it worked without problem

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Tip :
In the folder where you have extracted the Samsung Firmware, you can paste a TWRP image, renamed to recovery.img,
That way, you can reboot directly in TWRP (without combination-keys) to wipe system and install /e/ without even booting into the Samsung OS !

Not sure,
but expect that if you are able to extract the /e/ .ZIP, and convert the system image file to .IMG, you can paste it also with the boot.img in the new package, probably /cache could also be needed.
you may install /e/ in one shot that way

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