Introducing /e/OS Generic System Images (GSI)

have you tried replace or patch /vendor ?
seach on xda

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There’s nothing for my phone and gsi. There’s only a few ROMs at the minute.

What is your model ?

Poco x3 pro is the model

Hello everyone,
I’m new here and I just installed the e GSI!!
Where ls the best place to get support?
My device is meizu 16xs
Thank you in advance.

Hi @Priska37 welcome.

Have a look at this page

and ask away, either here or start a new thread if you have a different question! :slight_smile:

Does anyone know where I can find a 0.18 Oreo GSI image ?

There are only Android 10 (Q) images listed here : How to /e/ on a non supported device?

I would agree with @andrelam.
In terms of who would use this GSI, the article states:

From the point of view of someone who is an exisitng /e/ user
I think anyone who already uses /e/ knows what /e/ is like, and does not need to use a GSI to experience /e/ on a new device - they only need to know if /e/ would work on that new device.

From the point of view of someone who has not experienced /e/ yet
This GSI experience of /e/ would be a really poor experience as pointed out by @andrelam for the following reasons:

From the point of view of an a developer
I don’t know how this would help a developer as I dont understand their work process, but I’m guessing a developer could use a different and more suitable method than a GSI to put /e/ on a new device. And even if they did use a GSI, the amount of features that do not work (as per list above) would not give the developer a very good idea of /e/ on that device.

I could be completely wrong about the above, given my lack of understaind of GSI, but my concern is that people who are using the GSI as their first experience of /e/, would have a very poor impression of /e/.

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I use e-GSI as dayli and didn’t notice changes with e-official-surnia (Moto E 2015 lte).
What are this wonderful f/e/atures supposed to be missing ?

Hi @trefix, I was taking the guidance of the article.

The author says that with GSI not all hardware will work eg bluetooth or camera, and not all software will work. So, my concern is that if someone new to /e/ used the GSI and if there were multiple hardware and software things that did not work (as the author says they wont), then the person would have a very poor impression of /e/. Which I think is a fair assumption especially given that people have very high expectations of phones these days - they buy them in the shop and everything just works. If you bought a phone in the shop and bluetooth and camera didnt work would you be impressed or would you look for a different phone?

Feedback : microphone doesn’t work on Sony Xperia X (suzu) GSI : [Sony Xperia X (suzu)][/e/ OS GSI] Microphone doesn’t work (#3744) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

Is the GSI documentation page down : ?

It’s here : How to /e/ on a non supported device?

The team has made some changes to the folder structure which breaks old bookmarks …you can navigate through the documentation site…in go directly to the install GSI page


Yeah ! I saw recently, some very great improvements in the content of the documentation pages section of the official site !
Please make some compliments to the person responsible of those changes, and encourage him/her to manage the templates linked to the device specific install instructions ( actually the pages are still unclear with non sense warnings and with repetitions. he/she can contact me by PM ).

Unofficial Unified Install Guide Project

:grinning: There is a reason why there are multiple warning spread across the install guides.
There are users who assume the builds to be perfect and use them on their daily drivers.
It is important to warn users that there will always be a difference between the stock ROM and custom ROMs. There are areas where the custom ROM outperform stock like in battery usage or giving the user more control over the phone. Then there are areas like the performance of hardware components like cameras where the stock ROM excel. As a de-googled open source OS we have our limitations and cannot use proprietary code which runs these hardware components.



0.21 released but last GSI build runs 0.19 since 2021 10 27.

Can we expect new builds ? And R flavor ?

Thanks all.


I’d like an updated image too. Vendor and other files I have, ready to test 0.21-r or even 0.22-r if GSI image is faster than release for all phones.

Has anyone else encountered a problem with their navigation bar with this GSI or one from XDA? I’ve a Lenovo tablet and this bug is in many other GSIs too, except roms like Havoc or CrDroid.
I was able to enable gesture navigation with an adb command but I just wondered what my tablet is breaking and how I could fix it.

This bug also occurs on my Lenovo tablet with /e/OS GSI. I do not know why.

I have already flashed numerous devices with different GSI, but this bug only occurred on my Lenovo tablet.

Can you please publish the ADB command to activate gesture navigation here. Thank you.

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