Introducing Murena Cloud

We felt that if we stopped at the operating system, we were leaving many users without options for their emails and cloud storage, but to use proprietary solutions like Google Docs or Microsoft Office 365. So our efforts to bring people to a more privacy-friendly environment would be in vain. Here is where Murena cloud comes in.

Murena cloud is the new name of ecloud, with better services and an improved user experience.

It is your personal email account, your agenda and contacts, your drive on the cloud and your online office suite, all combined in one single service, simple to use. Murena cloud is powered by proven open-source software like NextCloud and OnlyOffice.

Last but not least, we have great features to keep your email address private like “Hide My Email”.

Murena cloud is built on the same privacy by design principles as /e/OS. We don’t scan your data, we don’t log your app usage, we don’t sell your data, we don’t use ads in our online services.

Murena cloud is seamlessly integrated with /e/OS, so you can synchronize easily data from your cloud to your phone.

And while Murena cloud has been developed as an extension of /e/OS, this online suite can also be used without /e/OS, directly from your computer or another smartphone.

What will you find in Murena Cloud?

Your personal email

With Murena cloud, you have your own personal email ID ending in We do not scan your emails or include ads anywhere.

Your email account is accessible directly in Murena smartphones, or via any email client, like Thunderbird, or from your web browser at

Every account comes with 1 GB of free storage space! We also have paid plans, from 20 GB to 2 TB if you need more storage space.

Your calendar and contacts

Your calendar enables you to create separate personal and professional schedules and set up meetings with different options. You can invite contacts, plan recurring events, share your calendar and more.

Saving your contacts on Murena Cloud enables you to synchronize them across all your devices.

A Murena cloud showing how much quota the user has, some photos and files

Your online drive in the cloud

Murena Cloud comes with a secured storage to access your pictures and videos, sync and backup files from your phone or conveniently share with anyone you want.

Your files are seamlessly synced and always available to you, on-the-go with your Murena smartphone or through the browser of your choice.

Your online office suite

Murena Cloud is also a powerful suite of online tools to create, edit and share documents, spreadsheets and even presentation slides.

Powered by OnlyOffice, it is compatible with MS Office formats and is a great alternative to Google Docs or Office 365.

Hide my email

“Hide My Email” is another feature that you can benefit from using This is a mail alias, but used only to receive mails without disclosing your real email address. Briefly speaking, it is a random address added to a user.

As it is an alias, all mails sent to this mail alias will also get into the mailbox of a user.

The address can be found in this page of settings. Currently, there is one alias available, but in the future we plan to get more and users will be able to manage their aliases (to delete and renew them).

To know how to set up a Hide My Email settings, please read our documentation, or watch the video on YouTube or Vimeo.

Start using Murena Cloud now

Your Murena Cloud account comes with 1 GB of free storage. Need more space? Our plans now start at €1.99 per month for 20GB. Click here to find the plan that works best for you!

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Is there any news about end to end encryption in the cloud?


The team had it in their plans for this year. The plan is to progressively release it. Development has started. No ETAs as yet.


Excelsior! That is the last piece of the puzzle for me.

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i would prefer to get the older “” adresses. Is this still possible somehow?

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According to Using the new e-mail address an address is still possible.


To be honest I haven’t been paying a lot of attention to this migration and when I tried to login to ecloud I was redirected to I could log in using my address. Will I be able to do this in the future? Am I supposed to migrate my data to the new murena site?

I am not using /e/ on my phone but I connect to my /e/ account for notes.

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Fantastic stuff! I’m super happy with the new (as well as the “old”) cloud. Using mainly the calendar, notes, contacts backup and email on my /e/ phone and other devices. Thanks folks!

I really appreciate the effort put into e cloud / Murena Cloud. Personally, I miss the ability to perfom a complete phone backup, or at least backup of SMS and phone call history in the cloud. Or does something like that already exist?

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As for calls & SMS/MMS, I use SMS Backup & Restore Pro, direct purchase with a WebDAV connectivity to my selfhosted.
I’m quite sure it may also work with Murena Cloud :wink:
Note: not sure the WebDAV connector is available on free version, I don’t have it anymore…


Thank you! It seems that this is the app I was looking for. Thanks to Webdav, this should also integrate with Nextcloud easily, right?
Anyway, I think in order to match Google cloud services, e/OS should come along with an app like that.

Yes, it’s easy as long as you use the WebDAV link in Files settings (bottom left) :wink:

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SMS Import / Export from F-Droid does similar and is FOSS rather than closed-source. I’ve installed it and tried it out, though I’m still using SMS Backup & Restore, because I haven;t had time to move yet :slight_smile:


Since a few days I noticed inconsistencies between displayed data usage on ecloud and the real one (in my case 94.7 Mb used and 380 Mb according to Murena). Yes I took into account hidden files.

Does anybody have the same problem?

The quota now includes emails :wink:
Also, you may check in “Fichiers supprimés”.

Thanks @smu44, that must be because of emails…

Can we have Nextcloud Photos 2.0 in Murena Cloud anytime soon? That would be cool! Announcing Nextcloud Hub 3 - Brand New Design and Photos 2.0 with Editor and AI - Nextcloud

3 questions:

Where can we see what’s the current software versions used? This is especially helpful for bug reports towards nexcloud and onlyoffice.

  • murena cloud version?
  • nextcloud version?
  • nextcloud photos version?
  • onlyoffice server version?

Control over admin access to cloud instance. As I understand currently murena cloud admins do have access to our account and thus to our files.
What are the plans first to make transparent when a admin accesses our account and secondly what are the plans to integrate an option to control that access? An admin would request access and the user would then in turn consciously grant the access for the sake of maintenance.

Integration of video call functionality. Comparison of Murena Cloud with O365 and Google Cloud lacks communication tool for chat and video call support.
What are the plans or for the sake of discussion ideas or at least apps in focus to close that gap?

Yes, i have this problem.
I can not receive mail because of this difference.
I do not know where the hidden data is.

My first step would be to delete email in Trash – it may be bigger than you guess due to attachments. Next it would be good to delete emails you do not need, especially if they might be large or have attachments. Finally delete Trash again.