Invasive Bluetooth Upstream in A15 (V)

As my current daily driver is aging by the day, i have to get ready to make a decision soon. The questions that have been circling in my head are

A. What device is best suited to meet my performance and ,customization.

B. Can i get sustained warranty

C. Is it repairable

D. Is it secure (enough)

The last question is getting all the more pressing. It appears google is planning to database bluetooth

Online or offline google seeking to turn nearby phones into radios to geolocate everyone in a new Find My Device framework.

Enter Murena2…Ive seen from kickstarter that Murena is moving toward hardware switches. Allowing us to reject sneaky intrusion from the base level. While no /e/ device is even on android 14 yet, im wondering if bluetooth control is in the pipeline in a Murena3 release.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/OS the deGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone