Is /e/ (and LinageOS) insecure?

Found an interesting article. He seems expert.

What you think?


The arguments in the link are all valid, but the good news is the /e/ team is aware of this and working on it. There are some topics about this security for newby, I just hacked…, Why Developmnt Build, Install mallicious …. In the meantime i think these tips from @Anonyme are the way to go:

Sure Apple and Google don’t have these issues, or a lot less. But they steal your data in other ways. So it’s kind of a trade-off at the moment. Again, it will be improved in the feature, like here Can you encrypt….


Of course the blog post has an obvious point. Your security is weaker using custom roms. Every advantage (privacy) comes with a disadvantage (security). It’s always like balancing on a rope.

But the writer has a very technology point of view and is completely ignoring the human point. If someone is able to install a custom rom like /e/ my perspective is he/she must have basic know-how on phones and security. And thus know installing obsure apps are at risk. As always the human is the weakest link.

I (have) use(d) GrapheneOS, /e/, stock android and Sailfish and each OS do have their own strong and weak points. Would be nice to have an OS with the Smooth UX of Sailfish, the hardeness of GrapheneOS, the privacy features of /e/ and the apps and camera of stock android (pixel phone)… But this will only become true in Utopia. Meanwhile one have to choose the best personal fit. And for every person, in every place or time this will be different.


(Those security issues won’t probably be solved for the V1, if that’s what you thought).

Maybe encryption is safe enough for now to protect your data, but i’m not sure.

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I was unaware of some of the vulnerabilities built into Lineage OS itself.

This maybe a non-answer but I usually have recommend people to use their smartphones as their phones rather than their personal computers i.e, calling, texting and light browsing.

No matter how open source our ROM might be, there is nothing we can do about the base-band processor that is running god knows what in there and has full access to our RAMs.

Suggest running an open source OS on your laptop/PC with a disabled Intel ME.

Yeah, Sailfish provides great user experience but wondering why did you give up Graphene in the end if it had its hardness regarding security?

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It’s all about apps. Not all apps I want to use did run. And I hated the camera quality being so poor while on stock Android it is top of the line.

Every now and then i do switch between phones and OS. Just because it’s fun to see the OS evolving.


I agree with you, for me and my needs personally, GrapheneOS is my daily (I was fortunate to already have a pixel device). The SailfishOS UI was probably my favourite to use from the interface standpoint. I do have device(s) for testing with /e/ and put friends and family on /e/ as its the best and easiest fit for the general user in need of better privacy and covers a good range of devices. Have also used Ubports Ubuntu Touch on a oneplus1, but did not enjoy it so much.

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Hej @b3pio,
my Pixel 3 (and GrapheneOS) is on the way to me. Of course I’ve read the one or other about GrapheneOS. Maybe you as an expert have some links to websites for me, which I should read before flashing?

Nice choice :grin: What more info on graphene specifically do you need? Just some general reading? You can find the most info in one place on the graphene reddit. Theres some good discussions and info. And the dev (Daniel Micay) is pretty active on there. Techlore on ytube/Invidious did a couple good videos on grapheneOS and even an install guide if thats what you’re after.

Edit: Theres actually a lot more install tutorials on YT/Invidious for grapheneOS now. There was zero when I flashed it for myself quite a while ago

No special information, but information worth reading. Thanks for mentioned keywords. In the Kuketz forum there is a small german speaking group of interested people.

I will not be unfaithful to /e/. I’m just curious and want to try it myself. I especially like the idea of showing the limits of the G°°gle hardware and its firmware.

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