Is Firefox a good choice?

Bonjour / Grüezi

I’ve been using Firefox on my PC’s for many years on various OS ( XP,W10 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: , Ubuntu :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: ) , i am used & and i wish to add it on my e phone (S9) . I made some searchs in this forum and this item seems an issue for debate .

My requests are

  • privacy & no google , facebook and other gangsters :wink:
  • re-use my actual Ffox profile as far as possible ( passwords , bookmarks … )
  • use a master password for security
  • have functionnality like like noscript , adblock , ghostery

What are your advices ?

  • Firefox
  • Firefox focus ( = klar ? )
  • Other

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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For me Brave is the best

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For a while I use Opera (with the most private options) which is now for some years a Chromium based browser.
The issue with Chromium is that you use Google based technologies even if they are open source.
Of course, that doesn’t mean Chromium based browser is not private! but this mean we give more and more weight to Google in development of any solution (OS, browser, coding for AI, …), everywhere! And for me it’s an issue.
So on my side, I’m thinking days after days to switch to Firefox to promote and support alternative to Google.



Anti-Gafam is not likely to choose a chromium-based browser.

Chromium itself also makes connections to Google, unfortunately.
I agree that we need to use alternatives.

I think Chromimum based doesn’t mean you have connection to Google server.
Indeed, in /e/ the browser is Chromium based. But I guess everything related to connection to google has been removed. At least I hope!
So even if it’s based on Google technology it’s sure and private (no connection to Google) but that one need confirmation from someone.
For the moment, on /e/ I use Qwant app (Firefox based) or sometimes the default browser.

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An easy way to confirm is to install Blokada 5, activate a blocklist (or several), then open the browser and start visiting websites. You’ll see in Blokada what connections are made, some of which will be emanating from the specific websites, of course.

There is also ungoogled-chromium, which may be a decent option, although, as you said, it only furthers Google’s domination of the internet.

P.S. I have confirmed via Pi-hole that regular Chromium from Linux repositories does in fact constantly talk to Google. Other derivatives may or may not have attenuated that.

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OK ,
i am not eased with /e/ browser

@ AnotherElk
Why other , i.e. neither Firefox nor Klar/Focus ?
Privacy issues ?

@ MikeT
Brave has a master password ?
In Firefox , if you choose this feature , you must enter this master password at the beginning of the session if a website requests a password ; this master password allows to records each website’s passw

I just had a look at FF Klar. Everything looked good until I realized it wouldn’t let me delete Google search engine. It does let you use or add other search engines, but not being able to delete Google is a hard no-go for me.



No master password for now in Brave… But you can Hide Brave in some other folder

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Interesting… thanks !

Yes. It works fine for me. Change the default search engine, and away you go :slight_smile:

Hi, I use either Firefox or Firefox Klar … I hope they are a good choice, at the end …

What about Bromite the web browser which come with /e/ ? Seem to be excellent instead Brave…

That’s also a chromium-based browser.

OK , thanks to everybody
My best choice ( less bad ? :slightly_smiling_face: ) will be Firefox
When being quiet i’ll try it , and if someting interesting raises i’ll let you know

Bromite doesn’t meet the requirements in the original post, and nether does Brave, or any other non-Mozilla-based browser

Firefox and most other Mozilla-based browsers do, because they implement 'Firefox Sync". This is definitely true for Firefox and Fennec. I haven’t used any other Mozilla-based browsers

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I use and recommend Mull (find it in F-Droid) which is a fork of Fennec/Firefox with some more hardened privacy settings (including uBlock Origin pre-installed, fingerprinting resistance, and default to DuckDuckGo instead of Google): Mull | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

It has Firefox Sync, though I don’t use that.

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On it is stated:

"It is recommended to install ‘uBlock Origin’. "

You wrote

Can you clarify?