Is it possible to install the /e/ default applications on devices without /e/?

I’m currently not able to use /e/ on my device as it is not supported, so the next best thing was to check which apps /e/ uses by default. I saw that most of them are forks with fixes from other open-source projects, so I was interested in trying those out. However, I don’t see a way to install these forks and keep them up to date excluding compiling it myself. Does /e/ have an F-Droid repo or something similar which allows outsiders to use their apps with ease?
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Hi @Pistrie welcome to the /e/ forum.

Does /e/ have an F-Droid repo

No, but many /e/ users use F-Droid repos. The magic of /e/ is that the phone has been degoogled. The /e/ forks are mostly ‘special’ in that they might just have been optimised to work ‘like a suite’. So as a starting point the list of ‘/e/ installed apps’ at least gives you a pointer for the ‘upstreams’ !

When you say not supported, is it supported here Devices | LineageOS Wiki ? … or … would it be suitable for How to /e/ on a non supported device?

This is e app, you can choose those installed

I don’t bother with /e/OS default apps - I install the upstream projects from F-Droid and use them instead. As far as I am aware, the upstreams are pretty much ‘Google-free’ already: /e/'s forks seem to mostly involve changing the colour schemes to give them the /e/OS “look and feel”, and integrating them with /e/'s NextCloud instance at For me, neither of those are worth the downside of lagging consistently behind upstreams in terms of features and bug fixes.

So my ‘default’ apps are Etar (Calendar), QKSMS (Message), K-9 Mail (Mail), Fennec or Firefox (I prefer Mozilla-based browsers to Chromium-based ones, like /e/'s upstream Bromite), DAVx5 and ICSx5 (Account Manager), NextCloud Sync client (eDrive), NextCloud Notes (Notes)

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It’s not supported by Lineage. I did see something about Treble roms a while ago. How do they compare to roms made for a specific device, for example the Mi 9 build of ArrowOS I’m currently running. Will the performance be worse, are specific features like the camera notch missing, etc etc

The /e/ GSI is not highly developed, as /e/ prefers to support devices specifically …

Maybe this is your device Xiaomi Mi 9 (cepheus) … … you do not specify … I see [ROM][COMMUNITY] ArrowOS [Android 11][cepheus] | XDA Forums. Have you checked out signature spoofing / the possibility of installing microG on Arrow ?

Yup I have cepheus. I’m also already running microG on ArrowOS, but /e/ would be a step up from that :slight_smile:

I guess I’m just out of luck this time. The next time I need a phone I’m gonna make sure it can run /e/ :smile:

Did you test that Unofficial /e/?

I did not. I prefer to not use unofficial roms because of stability

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