Is it possible to re-lock bootloader of Moto G7 Plus?

After installing /e/ can I re-lock the bootloader?

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Only with the FairPhone3 for now

… but you can remove the nasty message


Related question: why can’t I re-lock my bootloader? What would happen if I ran fastboot oem lock?

On some device, You can brick your phone …

(DivestOS vs. /e/ OS - security and privacy easy - #83 by SkewedZeppelin)

this is pretty easy to support/enable, you just have to integrate the following into your builds :

  • builds must be -user, not -userdebug
  • in DivestOS-Build repo:
    • signing keys can be generated correctly using Scripts/ $device
    • Scripts/Common/ is used to copy verity keys into kernels
    • processRelease() in Scripts/Common/ is used to sign releases
    • devices can have verified boot re-enabled using enableVerity() in Scripts/Common/
    • you need to sed -i 's/^\treturn VERITY_STATE_DISABLE;//' drivers/md/dm-android-verity.c on all kernels, to restore verified boot that LineageOS disabled
    • you’ll need to apply Patches/*/android_build/0002-OTA_Keys.patch to android_build repo to correctly add keys to the recovery
  • in DivestOS-Website repo has device bootloader information in the format: unlock method, bootloader lock support, verified boot support

As for device support (per the devices I build for):

  • 9 devices have been tested working with locked bootloader and verified boot
  • 5 devices have been tested working with locked bootloader but do not support verfied boot
  • 25 devices should support locked bootloader with verified boot
  • 6 devices should support locked bootloader but do not support verified boot

On some device, You can brick your phone …

Here is a list of some relockable Devices - DivestOS Mobile

Yep. I figure if one plans to regularly update their ROM it’s probably best to keep it unlocked. For some devices the risk of screwing things up by constantly unlocking and relocking is too great.
I personally see no reason for relocking a device.

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When your OEM pushes out an update you don’t have to unlock.
You can update your ROM just fine with bootloader locked.

I’ve had a locked Nexus 4 that started with Android 6 in-place upgraded all the way to 10 with no issue.
If I didn’t change the signing keys or need to eventually re-partition it for the bigger system images of the newer versions, it could’ve stayed locked all the way to 11.