Is-it possible to synchronize Outlook with /e/ Calendar?


I’m trying to have my Outlook’s schedule on my /e/ Calendar.
Actually, it seems that you can only do it with Google Calendar.
I’m wrong ?

Yes you can, exactly as Google Calendars.
I use it every day :slight_smile:

I already explained the process here and here (in french, but english screenshots).

In short :

  • get the calendar ICS url (see below for Outlook)
  • add it to /e/ Cloud web frontend
  • sync you /e/ account on phone
  • (install ICSx5 if prompted)
  • add ICS calendar to ICSx5 and choose name
  • refresh Calendar app and choose color

NB : if our Outlook is from O365, administrator may have disabled sharing and/or publishing …
In OWA, go to Advanced Settings to get the ICS URL :

You can also add our Outlook calendar directly to ICSx5, skipping the /e/ Cloud web part, but I think it’s better to have the same view in both web and phone.
Also, if you reset your /e/ phone, you won’t have to subscribe again because the subscription information will be “pushed” from /e/ Cloud :wink:

Thank you for your answer.
It doesn’t work.
I think, it’s because I’m doing wrong at the 2e step.
I add the ICS url and the /e/ clud by doing this:

I’m not sure, if it is the right to do it.
By the way, I have nothing sync on my /e/ calendar account on phone.

Hmmm … It’s like you pasted the calendar URL as name.

Let’s focus on this part.

First, in OWA get the ICS URL (seems you got this part right) :

Just do a “normal” click (left for most users) on ICS URL, then choose “Copy link” in pop-up.
You’ll get something like in your clipboard.

Then go to, choose the “Calendar” button at top bar, then click the “+” right to “New calendar” :

From there, click “New subscription from link”, then paste the Outlook ICS URL :

Validate your entry using the “->” at right, you will have a rotating symbol while the subscription is created :

If everything’s fine (it will surely be :wink: ), you will find your Outlook calendar with a generic name :
Note : “” it is a text label, not an URL (no https:// at beginning).

You can now change the generic label to something more accurate, change the color of the events, … :

(use the “->” button at right to validate name and color)

The integration of Outlook on my /e/ calendar has wordked perfectlly well (thank you for the tuto).
Unfortunately, the sync on my /e/ calendar account on phone doesn’t work.
I install ICSx5 but I am unable to add calendars.

You’re welcome :blush:

About ICSx5 sync, could you please review the steps here ?

If it’s unclear or you need more specific help, please let me know.