Is microG the only system privileged app with signature spoofing permission?

LineageOS for microG FAQ mentions the following: The signature spoofing could be an unsafe feature only if the user blindly gives any permission to any app, as this permission can’t be obtained automatically by the apps. Moreover, to further strengthen the security of our ROM, we modified the signature spoofing permission so that only system privileged apps can obtain it, and no security threat is posed to our users.

Which are system privileged apps besides microG that have signature spoofing permission?

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More readings here.

You may check in : Permission manager / Additional permissions.

Thanks smu44. I opened this thread after reading that post, but I think it does not clarify my doubt (probably because of my bad English?).

It is clear that /e/OS allows “Signature Spoofing” only to system privileged apps, but it is not clear which these applications are, in addition to microG.

What should I check in? This is what I see in my device:
Screenshot from 2021-08-30 15-36-06

Very sorry : it’s not in Additional, but in first screen : search for “Spoof package signature”.

On 2 devices I have 0 apps with this permission, but I must admit that I’m not 100% sure they don’t lie to me … :wink:


I think maybe it’s because /e/OS as well as LineageOS for microG (I think) don’t have any user accessible signature spoofing permissions like other applicable ROMs do.

On /e/OS, f.i., Signature Spoofing Checker shows DISABLED. There was a thread about this quite some time ago. Ooh, found…

Make /e/ OS ROM Signature Spoofing microG ready

Using my other ROMs as an example: besides microG, the other app that needs/uses signature spoofing is FakeStore ( It’s included with /e/OS and pretends to be the Play Store. Most useful with Aurora Store in root mode. Apps installed will think they were installed from the Play Store. Reference…

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