Is someone maybe using /e/ with MultiRom?

Well, the title says it all. I’d like to ask if someone already installed /e/ on a phone with MultiRom and how has it been going.

If I’m not mistaken, as an android based system it should work fine with MultiRom.

There was a thread on a similar subject here

Thanks for the hint but that’s about audio, multiroom.

I’m asking about using MultiRom, so you can boot into different systems on your phone.

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Sorry I think I need to get my eyes checked :smile:


Would it be possible to deliver the Nexus 5 kernel with the kexec-hardboot patch?
Because MultiRom seems to work fine with /e/, it installs like it should, also different roms can be installed but without that patch they won’t boot.

The whole process is fairly easy. Install twrp_multirom_hammerhead, follow the usual /e/ install process, sideload /e/ (at this stage e is working), and in twrp install multirom_hammerhead. After that other systems can be simply added.