Is there a newer rom for condor then e-0.7-n-2019112732147-dev-condor

The logfile says
>> [Thu Jun 4 04:30:44 UTC 2020] Use branch cm-14.1 on
so I presume the blobs are from

yes, thx, have seen and a new repo sync is just running

If you want, you can try this small eOS version I have just build for you.

It will be available in around half an hour (my upload to ecloud is very slow)

Thanks. I’ll download it and give it a try tomorrow.
Which apps and packages did you leave out?

It has only Bliss, Mail, AccountManager, MicroG and Tasks

I tried the ROM and it booted up fine - thank you!

Then I restored (via TWRP) a recent backup of data partition to get back my installed apps and data.

When I rebooted, I got an error message ‘System UI keeps stopping’. I muted the error. The phone was functioning but there was no Launcher / UI - the screen was blank. The phone reacted as expected to power button.

I thought it might be related to OpenLauncher - my default launcher. So I flashed your ROM again and installed OpenLauncher. Restored data partition again, but same system ui error message.

For now I’ve gone back to my backed up system as I need a working phone today. When I get time, I will try again with your ROM, installing missing ‘system’ apps (Message, Aurora store, Music, Apps, Nextcloud) before restoring my data. I don’t want to manually install all my apps and data. I may give that a try this evening, particularly of it rains :slight_smile:

On my restored system, Account Manager keeps stopping. I’ll try re-installing

that’s normal. in your /data backup are information for apps which aren’t available in the small eOS version. If you need to have the data restored, you should stay on your old version til a full version will be available. Sorry

I think that will also not work, because when you are installing the apps, they are located in data. when the are coming with the OS they are located in /system.

Good point. I’ll wait until I have time for a manual install of everything I need

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