Is there a newer rom for condor then e-0.7-n-2019112732147-dev-condor

Hi guys,

I use old Moto E condor phones to test and play with /e/OS because I have several of them we used to use at work. A few months ago my latest best friend didn’t start anymore while it was running great before.

This week I found another Moto E and I immediately unlocked it, installed TWRP and downloaded the ‘latest’ rom. I was surprised to see that the latest rom was from november 2019 while other models have roms like

Did I miss anything? There’s nothing about end of support on the condor documentation page.



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if there a pie sources in official LOS git than you can build it as I have written in your other post.

Hi Harvey186,

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
There is no support anymore for the Moto E condor.

I will have to find another new best friend. :disappointed_relieved:

I built a Nougat ROM for Condor a couple of days ago, to check out my build setup. I’m quite happy to make another one if it’s any help? I can make sure it runs - I have a spare device here - but it would be an unoffical build, and at your own risk.

Hi Pete,

I would like a have a ROM for my condor MotoE.
It’s nice to honor the MotoE some more before it (they; I have a number of them) goes to charity where it will be recycled.

First it was my work phone somewhere in 2015. Then it became my loyal /e/ phone (I made a few bricks of it too). And now it wil become my pete phone. :+1: :smiley: And after that may it rest in peace.

RIP mighty condor :eagle: :cry:

OK. It may take a couple of days. I’ll post here when it’s available.

Thank you, Pete.
No rush.

which post is this @harvey186 ? i’m considering to build my own unofficial build for a phone and a tablet and could use some guidance


Same problem with Moto E 2015 Surnia, still with unofficial /e/nougat by Unknown… Lovely compact and works fine, but no matter to test last improvements of /e/ ROM… (I can’t build by myself, lack of memory and RAM in my Dell).

Old devices are good companions :wink:

Hi trefix
Building a new unofficial ROM for surnia is on my To Do list, because my wife has one of these devices. It’ll be a few days before I do it though

I was pointing to this HowTo [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] minimal eOS pie version

but you can also use this for a complete eOS build [HOWTO] build eOS in old fashioned way with breakfast -- now with interactive script

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Wow :star_struck: Thanks a lot !

I don’t need microG, but your build will be the best, of course :wink: A “pie” flavour ?..

@sassonie @trefix
Currrently my builds are failing and I’ve no idea how to fix them. I’ll look again after the weekend

Hope they aren’t failing at 99% with not enough space error or at around 85 % with java error regarding apps.
The out of space error is a bug which is reported long time ago on github and the other seems to be new

No hurry
And don’t feel obligated to anything.

Thx, anyway. :+1:

It’s the second of those

[ 89% 31034/34785] target Settings (/srv/src/NOUGAT/out/target/common/obj/APPS/Settings_intermediates/src/R.stamp)

Full details of the error output at
And more details in this topic

Yes, there is an other user which reports also issues with this.

By the way, you can remove from source

than you build should go ahead.
You won’t have the Apps store … but, hey, how needs this apps store?

I’m building using Docker, so I have no idea how to go about changing the source.
Do I have to go digging around inside the docker image before I call docker run
(Sorry for the dumb questions: I’ve not worked with docker before)

If you will use this script you can delete the apps from the folder /prebuilts/prebuiltapks

and start the