Is there a "shazam" open source?


everything is in the title, as we say in french…
Is there an open-source app like shazam or soundhound, to recognize songs & music ?

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hello !
I use Music identification and it works pretty well (available on Apps (by /e/), aurora etc.)

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Thanks, I will try it !

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but when it is available on aurora, it’s closed sources :frowning:

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Aurora is just an example ! First i point Apps…

Apps is using the same apk than aurora. If it isn’t available on f-droid, it is closed sources

Not all open source apps are on F-Droid, are they? Take Signal for example…

Ich bin der meinung signal ist nicht 100% open source. Weiss es aber nicht genau

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There are a number of open source apps at the Play Store. Usually mentioned in their app description. Not every dev puts their stuff on F-Droid though I wish they would, even if they use their own repo.
Blanket statements are not always a good thing.

Regarding Signal. Which part do you believe is not fully open, the app or the protocol? Not too sure about the latter myself.

even though it’s not open-source, you can try shazam-lite, that does a country check of where you are using it and then tell you that you have to use the full app, so it doesn’t works.

I found out only yesterday however, that a guy on the forum-xda modified the apk to avoid country check on startup, and so now it works fine!
Sure, the interface is a bit spartan, but at least the app doesn’t contain trackers and doesn’t require unnecessary permissions, and of course it has shazam’s recognition capability which is probably the best;
here’s the link: